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best friends birthday

so my best friend was turning 20,and had never tried shrooms i thought this was the perfect opportunity to give him a birthday to remember.

so my best friend was turning 20,and had never tried shrooms i thought this was the perfect opportunity to give him a birthday to remember. i previously tried shrooms about 2 years ago on a trip to amsterdam and absolutely loved the experience and was ready for another go at it. we read somewhere about dipping the shrooms in honey and this seemed to work great because i have a really senstive taste buds. we turned on alice in wonderland and as we were watching i started to feel skeptical about the shrooms working about 35 minutes into it i began to laugh for no apparent reason and felt really angry that nobody would let alice talk in the movie. the next thing i know i was on the floor tripping on the carpet which was totally pixelized. my friend started telling me the tv was smoking but i was kind of stuck where i was.i decided we should walk around a bit and we left the apartment and went walking along the corridors of my complex it was great because there are tons of paintings in the halls and my visuals really started kicking in quite nicely. i also experienced a very intense body high as if i was rolling. i didnt remember a body high from my last shrooms experience but it was really nice. i felt control of muscles i felt i had never used before especially muscles in my face.we went back to the apartment and started drinking some dr pepper it was really nice. we decided we wanted music so i put on my ipod and we just layed on the floor listening to it. the song porcelain came on by moby and i really felt the music go through my body. we were laying there holding eachother and i felt like a melted candle up against his skin i felt like my mouth was melted onto his arm it was really cool. for some reason i started like kissing his arm and it felt like i could taste his life force energy whatever you want to call it. he put his hand on my face and it was incredibly warm and clammy it felt sooooooo good i loved it. i decided i wanted to take a bath so we went into the bathroom and i jumped in the tub while he tripped on his eyebrows in the mirror. the water was amazing and the faucet fixtures were swirling around really fast. after i got out of the tub i walked into the living room and thought i saw a man laying with my cat it wasnt very nice so i walked over and rearranged the couch cushions to get rid of that image. we tried to finish alice but kept getting sidetracked which i forgot how much that happens on shrooms its like i wanted to do so much but couldnt. about 5 hours into the trip he began making pictures from rocks i have as a centerpiece on my table. we laughed and took pictures of it and i went into my room and watched the sun come up. i layed down went to sleep and woke up the next day feeling great. no hard comedown! we went to lunch and talked about the experience. we both cant wait to try it again!

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