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How to use the shroomery: methods and TEKs for any skill level

Here's everything you need to get started on an effective path towards growing mushrooms

Here's the AMU's (amateur mycologists united) link list to all of the up to date, recommended, proven TEKs and methods.


And here's the link list for TNF(The noob forum)


to get the most out of the shroomery please go to

The Forums

then make an account. The Forums are the #1 resource on the website. They stay up to date and are a constantly evolving source of information in real time. You can get 24/7 advice, but please do your research and also try the search engine first before asking something that has been 100s of times before.

The best way to get a diagnosis of your grow is to post pictures. You can't just call your doctor you have to go see them. There's no way to accurately describe the things you'll see without having the proper vocabulary. Even if you could perfectly illustrate in words the picture is worth 1000 more...

Upload pictures
once you have an account on the forums you should upload pictures to your account here. The shroomery removes EXIF data that other image hosting sites do not, EXIF data includes information like GPS coordinates(location), time stamps, camera information, etc... It's smart of you to strip this data. Fortunately simply uploading them here takes care of that for you.

Getting posting is the quickest way to achieve success. Please do your part and read through some of the getting started TEKs and methods.

Here's the Getting Started Forum feel free to make an account and post here. Read the rules and stickies (posts at the top of each thread)

Happy Shrooming!

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