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First REAL Trip, LSD 500 ug

Best experience of my life

So this is my first time posting on the shroomery, I read the rules and guidelines, if I have anything wrong please let me know so I can learn from my mistakes and correct them.

Before this trip I had one psychedelic experience from a simple LSA extraction

Before I tell my (completely fictional) experience, I want to express that although this took place a little over a year ago%u2026 I was young and stupid at the time. I have since learned from my mistakes and not driven on LSD, or schedule work for the day after. I was very lucky to have a supportive family and neighbor that I work for%u2026

I was not on any other drugs or medications and have never taken and medications on a consistent basis before then.

The plan

The plan was to go over to my friends house, dose a little before 12 am and finish tripping by 8 am%u2026 then drive to work at 9.


A friend of mine had acquired some sour patch kids that were dosed at around 250ug each%u2026 they were tested to be real LSD (by the friend, he didn't risk RC's)%u2026


I dosed at my friends house with his parents home, they had gone to bed early. He lived 10 mins away from my house by car.

Come up

As planned, I went over to my friends house around 10 pm, dosed a little before 11. My friend was far more experienced than I was and had taken LSD multiple times, it was my first. My friend took 2 sourpatch kids and so I decided I would take 2 too.

We dosed and watched netflix for the first hour%u2026 then we went into his room and played some super smash brothers on the Nintendo 64.

Around 2 hours after I dosed I started to feel it%u2026 I couldn't play nintendo anymore because the come up was so intense. So I sat on the floor in my friends room waiting for it to kick in more. My friend had a poster of the Crab Nebula on his wall and as the L kicked in it became extra dimensional. The nebula floated around itself and looked beyond 3d. I was mesmerized.

I sat on the floor of his room staring at his poster and playing with my feet for the next 10 minutes%u2026 I soon became so fascinated by my feet that I couldn't tell they were feet anymore. I was so amazed by my feet that after playing with them for a while I tried to get up while holding my foot to show my friend this amazing thing I discovered only to trip over myself and fall on the floor in front of his bed.

Laying on his floor the world took on such an intensity that everything was flying around me and I had a difficult time making sense of anything. I tried getting up and going to the bathroom but couldn't figure out how to turn on the lights and was soon saved by my friend and he quickly led us both outside.


The sky was clear and the temperature was perfectly comfortable. My friend packed a couple bowls and we proceeded to smoke in his yard while attempting to talk about the experiences we were having. I was unable to understand volume so my friend walked us to a nearby field and we sat down there. The experience was so intense at this point that everywhere I looked I saw crazy yellow lights, like I had a flashlight behind my eyes. Even though I was sitting down, I could, without moving my body, shift my perception to behind me and see behind me. It was almost like I was floating inside myself. It was unbelievable. It felt as though I was underwater and I felt so loose and happy. I ran around the field enjoying the sensation of running and enjoying the sensation of grass on my bear feet. As I ran I flipped inside myself multiple times. We stayed outside for about an hour before my friend wanted to go back inside. I was thoroughly enjoying my spiritual gymnastic session and didn%u2019t want to return to his small room but I followed him inside and he attempted to sleep while I layed on his couch and attempted to sleep myself.

Sleep was not coming and soon his parents came downstairs, I pretended to still be asleep until my friend came downstairs and left for work. I went to my car and sat in my car for 5 minutes trying to figure out what to do because I was still tripping very hard and could not drive. However, being the idiot I sometimes am, I turned on my car and slowly drove home. I hate to admit it, and would certainly not recommend it%u2026 but driving while tripping is sooooo much fun. Especially at sunrise. The sky was so beautiful and my car felt like a spaceship. Staying on the road was very difficult, like I was trying to drive on a big marble. I pulled into my neighbors driveway and went over to see him loading up his truck for work. He could immediately tell I was tripping and told me to just stay home. My neighbor had tripped many times in his youth and understood, but was disappointed I tripped before work and kindly told me about how I shouldn't trip with work the next day. The following hours I wondered around my woods which took on a starry night look.

My senses had unfolded in front of me and every time I took a step the crunch of autumn leaves made my whole body exploded with sensation and colors flooded my vision. The trees were a part of me and shimmered so many different colors. As I was walking around my woods I was drawn to a tree that was shimmering yellow and gold, I reached out to touch the tree and was lost in a vision.

In this vision, I was sitting next to my dad -Side note, my parents divorced when I was young and rarely saw him growing up, the year before the trip I started seeing him more and getting to know him better, I really wanted to improve my relationship with him. At the time I was also getting into the grateful dead (my dad's a dead head)- and Jerry Garcia. Jerry was wearing glasses and his head inflated as he exclaimed %u201CThat's weird man!!!%u201D Somehow, that vision helped me better understand who my dad was. Everything in this vision was very cartoony and had so many indescribable sensations accompanying it.

I woke up laying next to the base of the tree, I thanked the tree for my vision and started walking through my woods more. I came to another glowing tree. As I touched this tree I fell into another vision.

In this vision I watched a man live his life in a very dark and primal place. The vision had such an %u201Cashy%u201D and primal feel to it. I experienced all the hardships of this man's life and woke up with wisdom I didn't have before. This man, before the trip, I would have harshly judged. After the trip I became a lot more aware of the challenges others face and became so much more understanding.


I awoke at the base of this tree and by this time I was starting to come down. The sun had almost started to set and I sat down on a wooden bench in my woods to text my friends. I couldn't type for the life of me. The letters were changing size, case, and font. Soon I gave up on trying to text and sat with myself and reflected while still tripping pretty hard but I could tell I was on the comedown.

After reflecting on the trip I noticed my parents had left my house so I decided to go inside. Once inside, I put on some music and layed in my bed with my eyes closed. I put on widespread panic (would highly recommend) and was met with some of the most beautiful CEVs I've ever had. Every note stretched out for what seemed like hours and bloomed like a flower, filling into a painting. I decided to check how long I had been listening to music since it had felt like at least 3 hours only to find out I was not even 4 minutes into the concert I was playing. I was amazed and watched these beautiful patterns until I decided to make some coffee and went upstairs.

In my kitchen I made coffee and ate wasabi peas, these peas, I'm telling you%u2026 every time I ate one I saw green fireworks in my minds eye. Very vivid and so cool. I wish I had known to eat fruit, I wonder what that would have been like. Anyway, I took my coffee into the living room and started watching whatever was on the TV. Of course, as soon as I sat down, the commercial where everyone's head explodes into purple dust came on. I thought this was the funniest thing and watched this commercial 4 times before going back downstairs into my room and listening to more music until my parents came home.

My mom came downstairs when she came home and quickly figured out I was tripping, she proceeded to take me outside, smoke a bowl with me, and walk around my yard in the dark talking about how %u201Ctripping makes you feel like a dancing bear%u201D. We talked about life and she held my hand as we walked around our yard and discussed the trip I was having. Another side note%u2026 My mom had given me a book called The Politics of Ecstasy by Timothy Leary about a month before which got me interested LSD.

We went inside and went downstairs to our wood stove and as I was staring at the ground where some dirt was from the wood, I saw some crazy shit. The dirt had miniature skeletons reaching out of the ground and falling back into the dirt. They were beautiful skeletons. The skeletons were so royal and filled me with awe and a great sense of ancestry. She then said I should try to go to bed so I put on some more widespread panic before falling asleep a couple hours later. The trip lasted a total of 27 hours and was completely positive. I have still not to this day experienced a trip as intense and I've taken upwards of 7 tabs and 7 grams of shrooms since then.

This was the most amazing experience of my life and forever opened my mind to tripping and the psychedelic experience. It also got me interested in meditation and lucid dreams. I was 17 at the time and this trip also made me appreciate music so much more. Before the trip I rarely listened to music and now I listen every day. 

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