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Finding myself

A little amount of libs for vanashing my soul

At the beginning i want to apologyze myself for the bad english, im from germany and writing this  post on my phone while im stonned af.
In autum there are hundret of liberty caps growing around my house.
I think i have finally collected enaugh experience to talk about the phenomen of an 'ego death'.

The libs of my garden seem to be much stonger than any fungus species ive ever tried, so i decidet to eat 8g of wet lips (ca. 50 shrooms) and go for a walk while smoking some selfgrown weed.

Ive tripped on much higher doses (like 6g dried golden teachers) but this fucking lips seemed to be extemly strong.

Suddenly i feel the ego death coming.
My ego was gone... my soul was gone... everthing was gone i am seing extrem open eye visuals but i cant conentrate myself... sitting on a park bench and smoking weed while listening to 'the dark side of the moon' leadet to extream mindblowing trip... my charakter was gone... i felt no love and no hate... i lost my goals in life there was nothing left.... only by body flouting with the univers.
When i came down and  the walls of my charakter where back..... i had the feeling that i found myself, like when everything is gone you know what youve lost.
I dont want to talk any further about the trip because i cant explain it...at least i want to say that in my opinion an ego death is not a level 5 experienxe... i think its a realy special phenomen of mushrooms wich can apear on any dosage and any triplevel...

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