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best experience of my life

so this day was a thursday and i was meeting up with my boyfriend just after 2, we got back to my house and within 10 minutes of being in the door he pulls out the mushrooms.

so this day was a thursday and i was meeting up with my boyfriend just after 2, we got back to my house and within 10 minutes of being in the door he pulls out the mushrooms. i was debating for just a second for my first time to be on a thursday and not a weekend, sure why not? my boyfriend and i had heard from a shroom-tripper -aka a friend- that orange juice enhances your trip, so before we started downing them we made some OJ.
after eating them we went downstairs to make some grilled cheese, seeing as both of us were hungry before eating the mushrooms. It was when i was trying to cut some cheese that i realized they were starting to hit me .. putting the knife to the cheese and trying to cut down but lifting the knife again away from the cheese. soon both my boyfriend and i started feeling a bit sick to our stomach, but continued making the grilled cheese. leaving the bathroom i caught myself in the mirror .. just you know .. checking myself out .. except this time when i was moving my reflection in the mirror stayed put. at first i didn't think anything of it, but then i realized that i was tripping and freaked myself out and walked back into the kitchen to finish making the grilled cheese with the bf. while i had been walking around i was explaining to him that i couldn't feel my legs holding me up, i didn't feel like i was standing , but i felt my feet on the floor. turning to flip the grilled cheese, my legs collapsed and my boyfriend caught me. by this time our food was made and we went to sit.
while eating my two dogs were staring at us, my one black dog looked like he was computer animated and looked like he was just placed there and not real, and it was pointed out by my boyfriend they my other dog looked like a human, well not looked, but reminded us of one, like he was a human inside a dogs body. at one point, i split my sand which in half and and my friend said that he remembered the last time he tripped on mushies at his friends house, stickers were moving together, the thought of this made me think of my sand which moving together and i got freaked ( in a funny way ) and through my food at my dogs to eat.
after this we decided we wanted to go swimming in my pool, so we went upstairs to get changed so that we could do so. this was when our big trip started. as soon as we got into my room i kept getting a charge over my body that let me now "a trip was coming" - it was a "yawn-like" kind of feeling but not out my mouth .. over my body. i have this squared fan in my room that had kind of a twisted design to it, and i remember looking at it, at being fine , but as soon as i blinked when i opened my eyes again everything i looked at had the design of the fan on it. my hands, my walls, and even my boyfriends shirt. at one point i gave my boyfriend a kiss, and backed away, he looked as if he was looking down but he said he had his eyes closed, he said that when he opened his eyes he thought i was so close but he saw numerous amounts of me from the place where he had kissed me to the place i was sitting, it was pretty crazy to hear. amazed with the trip, i started looking at everything. i liked the cool designs on my furniture and how when i moved my hand from side to side i saw more than one of it. i couldn't believe how much i was loving this trip and how much fun i was having. after many attempts of actually getting changed to go swimming,we finally made our way outside.
outside was beautiful, sunny and blue, and the pool was so warm and comfy, it seemed like the best atmosphere to be in while our trip came to its highest. my boyfriend and i couldn't stop looking at each other and holding each other closely, couldn't stop telling each other how much love we were feeling, and how good it felt. everytime we were close to each other, we felt so comfortable together. every time we held one another it felt like one was melting into the other, like no other feeling we had ever felt, during those moments we became one person. another thing that amazed us, was not only were we having close to the same trips ( we both were seeing mushrooms when we closed our eyes and incredible backrounds ), waas how we could finish eachothers thoughts. when my boyfriend started an sentence i could finish it, and when i started a sentence he could do the same. we were so close, staring into each others eyes, face to face, noticing our eyes merging together, these eyes were so clear to us, even being so close together. it felt like when we were looking into each others eyes, we were looking into each others thoughts, and hearts. at one point, my boyfriend had gone under the water for another trip of seeing mushrooms and i found myself talking outloud to him even tho he was underwater. when he came up i was still talking and he carried on the conversation like it was nothing out of the ordinary, it wasn't until later that we noticed that i knew what he was saying while he was underwater, and i was replying to him . CRAZY SHIT.
by the time we felt like getting out of the pool, most of our trip was gone, this was when we got into our clothes and were lying on my bed, just talking. we were discussing everything that happened in the pool, and how we now feel an even stronger love for each other. we both agreed that this day, these mushies made us realize what love really was. we were even crazier for each other now that we had ever been and couldn't stop exchanging the i love you's. we talked about how we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, we feel so close and even more inlove now .. and we cant believe it, we feel like nothing will ever come between us and our love again.
so, for you future shroomers out there make sure that when you do eat the shrooms, you not only do it for the trip, but also for what they are trying to show you. my boyfriend and i both agreed that people try to ignore the real meaning for mushrooms, which could be the worst thing you could do. they can do so much good for you and change your whole outlook on everything if you treat them right. when me and my bf were coming down from our trip, we felt like everything in the world was all right. like all the bad things that had happened to us during our life time were forgotten, and now we understood why everything was the way it was.
so make sure that when you do try shrooms for the first time, or just try them again , to not only enjoy the trip, and where the shrooms bring you, recognize what they are trying to show you, it may just turn your world around. i know it did for me and my boyfriend, if it weren't for the shrooms , we'd never understand each other, or love each other to the extent that we do now.
remember folks, share your experience with others, and share your feelings, im glad i did, it was the best experience and day, of my life.
have a good one ! :D

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