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"8th of shrooms" Capsules

My first experience with Psilocybin, and the HARDEST trip of my life.

I obtained from a friend what was described to me as "an 8th of shrooms in a pill", being that my main hangup with shrooms was always the taste/smell/texture issue, it seemed a convenient and rare opportunity.

It was about noon. A friend and I were playing Halo, and realizing we had the entire weekend, plenty of supplies and amenities, the two capsules, it was a beautiful day, etc. Just seemed like the perfect time. 

Now I didn't have a scale, but the capsules were very small, and contained what my research has led me to hypothesize was ~2-3mg of probably synthetic, possibly natural concentrated Psilocybin. We both removed the top half of our capsules and swallowed them with a cup of orange juice. It was about 12:30. We played one more round of Halo, waiting for liftoff.

After the game (about 15-20 mins), I felt butterflies in my stomach, so I went out to have a cigarette. Definitely starting to feel a bit nervous at this point. My hand trembled slightly as I fumbled through my pockets for my lighter. I lit the cigarette, but the flame was larger, wobbly, and colorful. I looked at the mountains and they were bubbling and breathing. I called into the house to my friend, "HEY... BRO?" to which he responded "YEAH! ME TOO MAN!". Apparently the menu items were dancing and breathing as well. He came outside, packed a bowl, and as we smoked things began to intensify. We decided that one bowl was enough, so I put on some music, and we just sat there for the next hour or so, talking about time travel and perception, very clearly and precisely from my recollection. I trailed off a bit, and when I returned to the conversation, we both realized that we had not actually been speaking, but thinking the same thoughts, or possibly sharing the same stream of consciousness. My first psychic conversation. Aside from this, so far, it was the usual trip, but the timing was faster. I had previously had experience with mild to moderate doses of LSD & DOM, and a more than experienced cannabis enthusiast, so the worrying started to subside. This is about 1 1/2 hours after ingestion and I was somewhere between levels 3 and 4. Clouds blooming and radiating rainbow auras, mountains boiling with Scream Mask faces coming from the bubbles, Energetic patterns radiating through the skies from the mountains, my body and limbs completely indistinguishable from the chair I sat in...all in all a pleasantly terrifying time! Then, it happened.

About hour 2-2 1/2, I noticed what looked like the Master Hand of Super Smash Bros. slowly creeping towards me. Usually I enjoy classic "bad trip" moments, like melting faces, holes into hell, seeing the devil, hearing demons... I find it hilariously entertaining, like a roller coaster. However this was different. It was real. It wanted something from me and I had a feeling it was my life force. I white-knuckled the arms of my chair and felt like I was about to weep, but felt a calm come over me as I remembered the myriad of trip advice I had received telling me to 'just go with it'. I relaxed my grip, and as the calm washed over me, The Hand rapidly accelerated and snatched my soul from my body, taking me far through the universe, to the other side of my life. In this moment I 'awoke' to find that my entire known life was the result of taking a 'red pill' and was pulled out through the consumption of the capsule. Exiting the Matrix if you will. I was in fact, an energetic consciousness with the unending task of acquiring knowledge of every form. I shared my experience with my fellow beings, and they with me for what seemed like years. We then bid a fond farewell, and took our pills to return to the other side. At this point I was thrust violently back through the cosmos, and hit my body with what seemed like a meteoric impact, jumped from my chair, told my friend not to worry for I had returned and looked at the time. TWO MINUTES! TWO MINUTES HAD GONE BY!!!
Excited by the amount of time I had left to trip and learn, I ran out to the lawn and sat cross legged in the sun. 
The next hour (hour 3-4) I was able to project my perceptive consciousness about the solar system through a kaleidoscoping portal that appeared through Closed Eye Visuals. After I started to come down, I realized I was permanently changed psychologically. This single trip inspired me to grow (and distribute profit free), and I have since embarked on many trips (every 4-6 months), but have not been so lucky as to be reunited with my friends on the other side. But I will not fail them. I will continue to gather and spread the ancient shamanic wisdom. 


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