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Best day of skool.

the other day i decided to go shroomin during school.

the other day i decided to go shroomin during school. so i brought some cash, went to a few dealers, noone had any. so i kept lookin. finally i found a guy with p.cubes. bought an eigth. so i chew the shrooms b4 skool. half way during 1st period, i start to fell them. the room was melting, and everything was wavy, i look around, and everyone was lookin at me, and pointing at me with there4 long green tounges. so i decided to try to focus on my work. i was reading the book, and the words were jumping around, go back n forth and glowing. the teacher noticed i was acting strange, and noticed my pupples were huge. so i grabbed my shit and raqn the hell outta there. finnally, i got to the play ground near by. i started to calm down, and relax and enjoy it. nature was pretty cool. the trees were swaying back n forth, and changing colors. im thinkin whoa this is some cool shit. some other shit started happening, like rocks were turning into gold , and the grass looked like marijuana plants. i got bored sittin there, so i decided to go out for a walk around my town. it was fun, i meant up with some frends , smoked some bud and talked about life. noticed it was time for the bus to come, i gor on it, and went home. my dad was waitin outside for me, and he looked pretty pissed off. he was like "son, i heard u skipped skool, and your pupples were huge. were u on anything" i told him i tryed shrooms. he didnt care. just told me not to do drugs at skool, and to be smarter next time.

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