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Best Day of My Life

Aight first lets start with some background info.

Aight first lets start with some background info. Most my life iv been a drinker, im like 18. Iv smoked weed a few times but not much. Iv been facinated with shroomz for years just havnt been able to get some. Finally this year i got some. The first time i tripped was sort of scary cuz i thought i would never be normal again and i took a little too much of good shroomz. Im not gonna talk about the first time, im gonna talk about my recent trip which was my second time.
I live in Diego and shroomz is really easy to come by down here so i got another 3 8ths for me and 3 of my friends. We went to the beach at liek 10 at night. I had a hooka so we took that with us. Bought some tacos put the shroomz in there and munched them down. I was kinda nervous again cuz my first trip was not a very good one. The beach was dark as hell. The water looked black. We chilled for about 30 45 min and i started feeling it. I got this surge to my head and everything started to change. I got a great body high and my visuals were great. Me and my cuzinz were chillin lookin at the sky, it was soo tite the coulds were forming patterns and there was a full moon too. after a while i felt like we were on an Island for years and that we had been living there our whole lives and that it was just another normal day on the Island. I was becoming very comfortable with my soroundings. At my peak i noticed i was playing with the sand. I hate sand when im sober i think its sooo anoying. Anyway i couldnt leave the sand alone. It felt so good when i would touch it. I was so bewildered by the fact that my friends wernt playing with the sand. I couldnt stop talking about it. I would play with it and look at it and see the craziest things in the sand. everything was bright now. it felt like it was daytime and the beach's water was blue which looked awesome. I had so much energy i just wanted to run around and play with the sand. oh ya we smoked a little weed while we were trippin that prob had an effect on the trip.
I highly recommend tripping at the beach and just enjoying your soroundings. That night i felt like sand was a real person. Go to the beach with some close friends and trip youll have a blast i know i did.

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