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A Slap In The Fac

My first trip was at my friends house along with three other friends( they didn't trip).

My first trip was at my friends house along with three other friends( they didn't trip).Around 1:00 pm I ate two huge Psilocybe cubensis that I grew myself.We went for a car ride to a local convenience store and about 15 minutes later when I returnedI felt like my whole upper body was weightless.We went inside to roll a few "L's"(blunts for those who don't know).Just as we started passing the first around I started feeling really stoned, like when you've had a little too much nitrous.So I walked down stairs to be alone.Then his lay-z boy started growing veins and it started to bubble and breath. Then his couch started expanding, I thought it was going to burst, then these blankets on the floor started moving. At first I got shook but then I reminded myself that I was only tripping and started having fun with it.I went back upstairs and choked a few but it didn't matter I was so hammered already.I found controlling all of my energy hard but somehow I stayed cool.Mainly by closing my eyes and watching beautiful visuals of psychedelic butterflies and portholes.I looked up at a poster of Jordan and he seemed to be jumping right out at me.However I found that the visuals were just something extra I hardly even noticed.Most of the time I thought about how dumb I had been before.I'm seventeen years old and I was doing poorly in school.I kept thinking that I had been nothing but a problem to society and that the 'shrooms gave me a slap in the face to wake me up.These thoughts persisted but I felt really good knowing that I was going to change.My self esteem was actually boosted.

However thinking these things over and over got to me later that night.I went home around 7:00 pm and went upstairs to do some homework, but I started asking too many questions.I started thinking about why I was here and does god really exist and what will happen to me when I die.At this point I was on the verge of tears and thought about suicide but only for a minute.I went downstairs and got really light headed, I almost blacked out, but these thoughts quickly subsided, in fact they only lasted for about ten minutes but it was way too long for me.I laid on my couch the rest of the night pretending to be sick.I found the trip extemely fun and wonderfull and I'm introducing 'shrooms to my friends, but I found the afterglow to be a little too much.I will trip again soon but not too soon, I feel prepared for the next trip but I can't help but wondering if was really ready for 'shrooms at my age.

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