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First time tripping alone

9 grams of Atlantis Truffles

Dear Spacers;)
Longer time ago, I already planned to trip one time completely alone, by myself. Just to experience how it is and because I felt the need to do it. It was completely different then when I tripped with others (what I did already around 10 times before). In general I would say it was less fun, the same of a spiritual experience but I got so much more loose. So the whole story started when I was  on my way to university and my bike broke along the way. I brought it to the bike repair but knew I would be late for class so I thought: Fuck it, the sun is shining I want to do something nice. So I asked some friends if they would feel after going into the woods closed by and have some truffel trip. Nobody had time since everybody was at unversity or had to work so I decided to do it by myself. I bought the truffels but decided then to stay at home, since it is already about a year ago I took them the last time and I never took it alone before so it just felt more safe to do it at home. In the end I am happy about this decision. While I was tripping I thought I couldnt handle that if I would be right now somewhere alone in the woods, and it would have gotten dark and then I would have been completely lost. So I ate 9 grams and started writing on something but after less then 10 minutes I just wanted to chill and lay back. So I did. First I just lay there in silence, watching the leaves moving of the tree infront of my room and had a kind of meditative state of mind. After a short time I started to play music, which was actually pretty sad music but I just so felt after it. And I started to feel the pain of the singer and the emotions so deep that I so started crying as well. All of a sudden I as well took a notebook and wrote down my thoughts. It was so weired to write in that moment. I wrote down that having sadness, anger and so on is a stronger emotion then love and positive feelings. And still thinks that is kind of true. The best songs were produced out of sadness or anger. And I wrote: This feelings make you to what you are, thats why you are here. As well I wrote down I should not play to much with my mind (I refered on taking drugs) and I have to know my limits. And that everthing is ok like it is in my life and that I do not have to feel bad about anything. I cannot remember writing this things consiously. I actually went in this trip with knowing its not gonna be only fun and hahaha. But before I started tripping I told myself, doesnt matter what will appear during this trip, I will accept it and face. And so I did. Did I got overwhelmed from something looking weired, then I looked at it. I looked at it so long and so exactly until it was over. And one time something really asked me to look at it and it was a cross hanging in my room. I am a believer and I do have the feeling god always wants to get in contact with me but I do not always allow it. Also not sure why. So continuing I played with my cat and enjoyed that a lot. Had a lot of thoughts about what ego is and where it is worth it for me in my life to not act afer my ego and where it is. As well I got loose and danced, and stretched myself and just let go what came and expressed myself as I wanted. I crawled around and did weired stuff. I dont know if I could be sooooo loose with other people around me. I wish, I will have that expierience one time that I can do that. That was my trip. I loved the experience by myself. Could be that I will do it again. Dont know yet. But before want to do it again with people. :) Hope you liked my story. Wish you all wonderful tripps like I had.

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