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the other side

5.4 Grams insectoids first trip

ok wow, This is my first post. Well let me give a wee bit back story before i get started. I've been smoking cannabis since i was 15 and loved psychedelic rock. I was 17 when i had my first LSD trip and from then on i was hooked. I have very strict religious parents so they would not always grant me the free time of 6 hours plus to under go a trip, so all of my most meaningful trips have been by myself alone in my room. After experiencing lsd i only climbed for higher doses, leaving me with more questions as i thought i got closer to the meaning of everything, so you could say im a daredevil for doses. i like to break through and go above and beyond, micro dosing or light experiences was not my thing. After a 5 tab (1,000) ug lsd trip i decided that my future is psychedelics. I live in a small town in north carolina and for me and alot of people the plug was scarce,  Naturally when offered a ride to the mushroom mans house i tagged along. Ive heard about what mckenna calls a heroic dose, just not what it entailed. i purchased 5 grams which later scaled to be about 5.4. I ate them, began meditating and mentally preparing myself for what lies ahead. 30+ slight hallucination of colors and sacred geometry hugged the carpet. 40+ i feel an un earthly presence enter the room, But it wasnt singular it was more of a collective voice or calling. the music i was listening too was starting to send me creepy hidden messages or the tone of the lyrics would sound luring or put emphasis on the word "you". i was very uncomfortable because i really wasn't looking for a religious experience, i just wanted too trip balls i guess. But this erie entity lingered and intensified. my room set into a grassland like landscape with the hot sun above and the dirt and grass rustling in the wind, it felt alien like... there was an alien vibe... then 1 hour + scenery changes and im in full open eyed visual hallucination and all of my walls are dripping and coated in color with what looked like mayan and Aztec patterns. This is when they came.. tall dark green brown insect like creatures with large bug eyes walked about  this "ancient" realm. there arms bent outwards and they had very long heads, i have a hard time remembering the exact face detail but all i can recall was gross bug faces. I WAS FREAKING THE FUCK OUT, as they tossed me and poked me and surrounded me. this was terrifying but in the back of my mind i knew i had to give in. after like 30 minutes of torture once i gave in they pulled me out of my hellish trip and lay me down. there are three of them now. one goes behind me like im on a table and sinks its fingers into my brain, immediately triggering all of my problems. i watched all this conflict and sadness emerge before my eyes. after the sob story they showed me all these beautiful things about my life/potential, such as playing guitar and creating more music. They also showed me that my girlfriend with whom i was having conflict with at the time, was the one for me and displayed all the lovely memories of us. after ME, they started showing me US as in the human race. there was no verbal communication between me and the beings as i rolled a turned in my bed clinging for dear life through the tears. The insect people showed me the past and it was them like mating with humans, they also showed me the future of civilization and i remember seeing visions of destruction and war. after this everything ceased. the next day i kind of shook it off besides the personal parts... it wasnt until recently that i heard what mckenna says what the 5 grams i actually like AND learning about insect like aliens... i only posted this because i have been very shook that other people have met similair if not the same creatures.... i also saw some ancient cave art that looked exactly like the entity i saw in my trip.  what makes me more un easy is the mushrooms in its hands. Guys the past three weeks have been day and night research about our true origins and ancient civilizations, im looking for help and guidance in this... please respond as i am not entirely sure how this website works. 

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