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Mexican Buffalo

7 grams

I ate mushrooms it wasn't mushrooms that I thought I ate, it was a glimpse into the drug heroin. Like I saw the colors blue, pink and green all in a graffiti and various girls type style of pastel phantasmagoria and the different cells that make up the different races in red and green almost like pushing on the eachother and almost like vying for control over a certain space and it's mexican was the red cell and black people were the green cell and black people were winning in the shape of an arm and that's what president Obama's hand was saying, "get out of here mexicans, stop living near black people," and that's why I thought black people were winning and I saw blue in my head and blue was white people and pink was asian and brad pitt thought he saw something, but it never happened and then I thought I was being possessed by a heroin addict who smokes crack even who was showing me all this. I wasn't having an easy time staying up. When I saw colors, it sometimes sounded like a machine, but I was cool the whole time. 

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