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bender in ireland

I hope you find this trip report entertaining, youll probably hate me afterwards but hey its a bit different and will give you something to think about.

I hope you find this trip report entertaining, youll probably hate me afterwards but hey its a bit different and will give you something to think about.

um, dose = ~40 liberty caps, half a litre of whiskey

im living in a suburban area on the outskirts of a city here in ireland and the autumn is usually good for p.semilanceata. me and my mates found about 2,000 in a couple of days near our houses a mile or two away - its good work, i was able to make more than any job like in a supermarket for a few days and its funny having old golfers shoutin at ya and calling u a hippy.

anyhow this night we were drinking in my friends house, about 8 of us drinking mainly, although i wasnt...2 of us had 70 mushrooms each so we split the 100 3 ways among 3 of us, the others wanted to see what its like, so we had an introductory dose of about 40 each.[ecstasy is the big thing here not many people bother with mushrooms].so we started watching the naked gun 2 1/2, which was just hilarious : it was so stupid it was funny.i can remember laughin like a madman at the funny points and then think to myself 'what am i laughin at', and the laughing would leave in a split second...etc etc

i should have said i broke up the mushrooms into small pieces and dumped them into a yugurt and ate without chewing - it isnt one bit nice, but it does the job. we went outside to walk around a efw housing estates and drinking a few cans just to explore and enjoy the buzz a bit. by this stage it was just 4 of us, and the guy not tripping sid why dont we go to his house for a few shots of whiskey and poitin (this irish illegal stuff of concentration i would sy more than 60% alcohol). by this stage i was noticing a lot of odd kaleidoscopic shimmering and squigley patterns in my field of vision which was fun to observe.as i was drinking shots of vodka and whiskey i could really feel it going to my head and felt a lot more at ease, it removed a llot of my paranoia ; we were laughin and havin a grand time joking and talking shit as usual when drinking, but the mushrooms made the conversation more hillarious and animated, our usual emotions were out the window. i have been told its not a good combination, but i found it nice, but only if youre not taking too many mushrooms, the body buzz was a bit like E, but lasted much longer of course.

anyhow, your mans parents came back and saw us drinking out of like 10 bottles of hard spirits so they were pretty pissed off, i sure would be if some little shits went through my precious bottle of poitin! so we left quickly and got fairly pissed off about our situation we shouldnt have acted like morons etc etc. we still had some drink of our own and went walking townwards by the coast to where some nightclubs are about a mile from the centre of town.we walked through a golf course on the way, it was really cool cause the hills and grass and whole texture of the place, even in the dark was like a tellytubby land, and it felt great walkin around the place and running down the hills. the effects of the mushrooms were more emotional than visual, as ive heard lib caps are good for...but im no expert. i kept imagining i had one of those devils on one side of my head and an angel on the other side like ned flanders in the simpsons, i could divide my thoughts into 2 conflicting views, and there were nearly always two.i think it was my views versus the views of the intoxicated group i was growing wary of our state we were on a fairly big bender.

one of the guys were pissed off that we drank so much of our friends parents drink that he got a rock and launched it through a window and we fucking RAN. the owner had given him shit for walking past before so i guess it was revenge. then passing a house, R thought it woul dbe a good idea to try and rob a scooter, but went off with a bike instead, until the owner came running. so by this stage i was pretty pissed off givin out to my friends, sayin if youre ognna do something stupid or criminal, so it for a reason. i think with mushrooms and drink you have a bit of a chaos theory situation : the mushrooms can trigger off odd emotions and cause drink causes you to make stupid decisions things can get out of hand, so its dangerous. so, of all places for a group of angry tripping shit faced homophobic lads to walk bye its a known gay hangout on the beach, a real scumbag paedophile place.so were going bye and spot some guy standing there looking for sex so we started to ask him whats he doing there. he said "looking at the fuckin waves" which didnt make R happy so he goes 'no youre a fucking scumbag faggot' and pushed him over and got a stick and hit him across the back. i told the guy to run ebfore he gets injured but he came back with 2 rocks to go for us...seeing this we all got weapons and went for him to scare him off, so he ran away. we stalled around and i made everyone calm down and discuss what we were gonna do cos if we werent careful wed be spending a night in a cell, we probably had the police thinking theres been a tornado with all the shit weve done. so walking down the road an undercover cop car pulls up and takes out details and arrests R on charges of assault, which pissed us off a lot. he did a bad thin but we never expected to get so rowdy. anyway, he got off because he was too youn to be charged, the rest of us werent but we werent arrested. we went into a park and met some ppl we knew coming out from the nightclubs and relaxed with a few cigarettes and contemplated the most fucked up night of our lives.(sorry about the missin letters this keyboard is fucked since i spilled coke on it - coca cola that is!). we met our friend when he got released on bail later and we chilled the fuck out and made our way home carefully.

so the moral of the story is be very careful with alcohol and mushrooms, we did it a few times after and it was great - so euphoric, and gets you really off your face! (not in clubs or pubs though its much too paranoid) we did abot 100 each on a lake near the same place which had a little forest joining on which is really cool - besides for when i saw a chopped down tree i felt like sayin "show me who did this to you!"
id much higher recommend mushroom tea, it tastes ok and hits u immediately, like snorting crushed E. alas now the frost has come and the fun guys (fungis?) are gone for another year.

i hope you found this report fun or funny (i know it shouldnt be) or even educating. im really not such a wanker really! it was one of those nights u wake up in the morning and say "i didnt REALLY do that, did i?" i had a lot of other interesting, fun, and freaky experiments, but i wouldnt be saying anything that gets said over and over here...
anyway take care of yourselves and sorry for any undue boredom caused or cringes induced

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