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First trip on 40mg of celexa

8th of shrooms

Yesterday I took shrooms for the first time. I decided to take an 8th because I'm on Celexa and I heard how SSRIs can make a trip weaker or totally ruin it. I have taken lsd 2 times before so I was really curious with how shrooms were different. Both times I took lsd were at night so I decided to take the shrooms during the day for a change. I started eating the shrooms at about noon and finished them 30 minutes later. I heard about how bad the taste was from other people and I surprisingly didnt think the taste was that bad. I started to watch the office to wait for the effects to kick in.

 About 30 minutes later my whole body and head felt super heavy, like I was stuck in the ground. I felt like I was floating. I started to see tracers and the walls began to move. I felt super relaxed and closed my eyes for a while. I decided to listen to music for a bit. For some reason I started crying. I wasnt sad, I was so happy... I havent realized how amazing music sounds before. I got pretty emotional and started thinking about life. So many thoughts were running through my head. I started to get a bit anxious because of this and I tried to calm myself down. I stared at a blanket that was in front of me and just watched it wave and flow around.

I was alone during this whole time so I decided to hit up my friends and hang out with them. About an hour later I walked outside and tried to find their car. Everything definitely was a lot brighter and more colorful outside. It was beautiful. I felt like I was in a dream floating around. Once I walked around people outside I felt super weird and out of place. I felt like everyone was looking and staring at me and I felt really lost. I started to get a little worried but I found their car after a little while. When I got in the car they started talking to me and I couldn't really have a conversation with them. I just stared at them laughed a lot not understanding they were talking to me. I asked them if they could tell if I was on shrooms and they said they could because I was grinning like a dork.

I spent the rest of my trip at my friends place. I smoked a little weed and watched some trippy music videos and Netflix. I closed my eyes and watched all of these crazy visuals forming in my head. I unlocked my phone and just started staring at my phone forgetting what I was going to do... This happened a lot through out my trip. Overall I had a fun trip but didn't trip out as much as I thought I would because of my meds. I didnt hallucinate or get to experience the full effects of shrooms which made me a little disappointed. My friends told me I barely looked like I was on shrooms besides when I was smiling and laughing a lot. Hopefully next time I take shrooms I will be off my meds so I can experience the full trip. 

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