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tripping in mountain

fractal consciousness

About a month ago I was planning  for a good trip with 2 close friends in the biggest mountain of my country. Till that day everything was perfectly organized...I had 10 blotters of 100-120 each ,good tents to camp and whatever was needed for a 3 day camp in the woods. When we got there the view was so incredible that I felt that fool to be in my country and never visited that before!!high mountains tall green and a bit golden leave trees around beautiful wildlife and great view. We decided to camp at around 1500m height(half of the mountain).We found a very special spot beside a roughly flowing river with big rocks and trees all around. We decided to make a shelter and light up a fire to be more warm and of course so as to create an atmosphere for the trip . After finishing all that we light up the fire and turn the music on ..everything is in darkness except for our spot...our psychedelic rock and psymbient music echoes everywhere.

The time was 2 am and we were ready to eat those tabs..I took 3 as more experienced than the others. My friends took 2 each. The only(but might the most important) problem was that till that time I had 1,5 day to sleep and I was feeling a bit exhausted even after drinking 3 cups of coffee :P .
I'm not sure but I think It took only 30 to 40 minutes for the first effects to come and we were all feeling the same discomfort. We didn't know if we were feeling cold or warm, if thirsty or not if wanted to be together while tripping or not :p the comeup was very intent. Then I felt my heart beating very fast and unstoppably to the point I started feeling pain in my heart. That time I was already in a strong trip making me believe that I had a real trouble while thinking that maybe I was poisoned and it  was my time to die because of stupidity and many shit!!The point is that I had the feeling that I was autistic and my moves were not totally controllable...I was thinking about my heart but I couldn't express my fear loudly. My friends had a similar feeling of what is going on, what happens to us, what are we doing in the woods. I mean our communication and contact became very different.. we sometimes could just feel the same.. when we felt fear or love we hugged each other in a very convenient way. My vision was full of fractals..the sound also fractals..even time!!Sometimes I didn't know if was having my eyes open or shut..

When I  laid down on the ground and I closed my eyes to listen to music then I noticed that my heart was not beating that fast or at least I couldn't feel it...then I said to myself ok...now we can roll as it was the only thing that was annoying me while tripping. The music not to mention was paranoid and slow...I could hear new notes and solo playing in a song far away from its regular structure. The whole space was like bubble and the fire spot was changing many forms.. we couldn't see much far away from fire.. the atmosphere was dreamy giving the feeling that we live a story right now and nobody else exists.

How can I describe the river???that shit even if still couldn't see it the sounds that flowing water can make while psychedelics make me wonder everytime. Its activity was so strong that I could listen doorbells,police cars,ambulances,airplanes and the sky above was so fantastic!!!Sometimes the trip was getting lower making us believe that we passed the peak(didn't look at the hour) and then again BAM!the same again and again..we had lost the sense of time to the point of wondering when is the sun going to rise again!!:P

It might be around 6 am when the first lights of the sun filled the place..that time was the time of high conversation!ive tripped many times in the past but I was still wondering why this happens..why it happens like that.
We were stuck for hours in a loop of analizing why this is happening,why we cannot achieve those states of consciousness sober,and why feel so connected. We had the feeling that a sentence  I want to say next you can say it for me instead like we had connected brains. I had taken it very personally when I realized that there is nothing else except for the self.. and whatever  we are doing , deserve and waiting from this life and the way we interact comes from within and there is no good and bad Its just the way you decide to look at it and everything is so relative. I also felt that consciousness is like the fractals we see...and while on LSD you are given the ability to see the movement in fractals and from that move you can ''see'' consciousness...sooo I thought either I am just going crazy or that shit is very very real .

Great visions and some hallucinations lasted till 8-9 am...the mountain the rocks the trees in distance looked 2dimensional,the whole view reminded me of ''Truman show'' movie where some of the background was fake. Something very unusual for my previous trips was that while looking at the trees I saw my self getting mirrored on the leaves many many times and I could see my movements.

At around 13 pm the trip calmed down.. but the wonder remained for days. It was a great experience in a great place the right time ;)

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