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50ug ALD-52

Perfect day

40 sth male. 90 kg. Tripped on LSD 25 years previously and various other substances since. 

I had arranged a day of solitude. In the morning I took 50 ug (half a tab) - a purposely low dose to test the ground. I had a strange expectant feeling from shortly after I took it (placebo I guess). I came up at T+0.50, quite suddenly - a wave of tingling sensation came over me. The first hour or so I couldn't focus and my behaviour was erratic. Soon I decided to retreat to bed; the physical sensations were good, but strange. In particular my bones felt tired and I felt a little cold - I wanted to feel snug. I listened to music and stayed in bed. I had positive sensual and sexual thoughts, but I didn't feel like acting on them. For T+2:00 to T+4:00 I was back on top of my physical sensations and out of bed. I stayed at home and did things I would anyway have done, in particular I was putting up shelves not too ineffectively, and enjoying it. 

The day outside was grey. In theory the peak should be around 5 hours, so by 4 hours I was confident that I had dosed just right, that I would be able to keep my shit together, and so I set out to leave the city and head for the mountains. Once on a train the sun came out. I think that on that train was the most profound part of the trip. At one point I shut my eyes as the train began to roll out of a station. I was really enjoying the feeling of movement and acceleration getting into a 'rolling' sensation and visualising glittering smoke billowing backwards behind closed eyelids - in fact the train was still stood at the station. At one point I had a moment of realisation - “Here I am! This is real! This is me!” etc. The whole thing had a more positive feel than shroom trips I've taken in recent years, but I think the positivity was helped by the sun and by contact with nature. I certainly enjoyed the trip more and felt more positive once I got out of the city and especially once I could feel the sun on my face. 

I took a bus, and then an open gondola lift. Going up on that lift was wonderful – cow bells were ringing beneath, people coming down the other way were smiling. At one point a man-sized beaver mascot passed me (no really!) – funny.

Once up on the mountainside I lay down under a tree and enjoyed the view. The last time I tripped on LSD one of my most vivid memories is from lying under a tree, seeing the pattern of leaves against the sky and then watching that pattern morph and transform like fractals, with the foreground and background interchanging. I would have liked to see such open-eye visuals again, but the whole trip was not at all visual (too low dose for that I suppose). I hunted around a bit for mushrooms, although I felt quite slow and I didn't really have the energy and resolve necessary for the mountain terrain. Then I got on a lift back down and slowly made my way back to the city as the trip ramped down, whilst listening to music and really getting into it.

From T+10:00 onwards I was in the afterglow, and I considered myself back to normal by T+12:00. I didn't sleep for several more hours but carried on purposefully with various jobs, feeling warm. 

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