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being on another planet

ok, i don't know what level my trip was but it was my first and the best I ever had.

ok, i don't know what level my trip was but it was my first and the best I ever had. It was about six o'clock and I was about to get out from work when couple of homies came by and they were asking for my coworker. He was the shroom-dealer and I didn't even know, so I ended up getting an eight for my self. It looked like six small mushrooms with caps about 2-3 inches long. I wasn't planning on tripping that day but you know how it goes with friends, so I ended up taking my eight the same nightat arounfd 7pm.
it's been like an hour and I still didnt feel a thing but my friends were tripping on the sky talking about all the pretty colors. since we were in the woods and it was getting kind of dark we dicided to go downtown. We caught the bus and that's when I started to feel something. Everybody was laughing like idiots. It was really funny cuz all of my frieds had ridiculous(women) glasses to cover their eyes from people(dialated pupils). I was sitting down and had my bakckpack on my lap and I felt like it was melting through my legs. It was the most incredible body high i ever had. then after 15 minutes which seemed like hours we got off the bus. We were acting really stupid and I think some G's(gangsters) except ,they were white, noticed us, so when we were walking through the gas station parking lot they dicided to have a little fun with us and try to scare us with their car. They started doin backwards donuts with me in the center, and I didn't know if it was really happening. That's when my trip took a bad turn. My friends were really pissed but they couldn't really function well cuz we were frying hard. Those stupid assholes in the car started talking shit so after arguing for a bit we decided to bail into some elementary school. My trip was turning really bad by then. I seen fences everywhere and then we saw some kids tossing a flaming stick bakc and forth which looked like flaming balls of fire from dragon ball z. I was really paranoid because my friends were really loud and I had some dank on me so I decided to get back on the bus and leave my friends. To me the bus seemed the safest place at the time since you cant get pulled over and most of the people on the bus are crazy anyway. So I got on the bus, and I had some milk in my hand. I dont remember how I got it, but I was chugging it like a crazed nut cuz I wanted to end my trip.
well, that didn't work. I was sitting on the bus and suddenly everything didn't matter anymore. I felt like I was out of my body just floating over the seat and the walls of the bus started to disappear. My vision stretched out and I couldn't even recognize where I was. Everything lookes so stretched out sideway that the speed limit signs looked like chineese. THe stop lights lookes as big as the moon and everything else was trailing. People were looking at me like I was and alien or something. I thought I was in some other country or something.
Somehow I managed to get off at the right bus stop and try walking home, but when I got there my folks were still awake so I just left. It felt like a whole day has passed by but it only was like 4 hours. I was wondering on the street of my little ghetto town not knowing where I was going and what I was gonna do. THen I remembered where my friend lived, so I started making my path to his house. I was climbing 6-8 foot fences like it was nothing to me. I felt like superman My mind was set on certain destination and nothing was gonna stop me.
I finally made it to my friends, but when I knocked all these different people came to the door and I was really lost. THen my friend came and said it was his birth day, I did't even care, I just barged in to his room. He knew righ away I didn't want to be bothered, so he left me alone in his room. After spending about 2 hours in the dark room, my brain finally came back to earth and I could finally understand things. My visuals kept going though. People would come in all concerned to look at me like I was some kind of psycho, and I would just see theit noses start swirl in the middle of their face . It was weird.
It was about 3am and the party was about over. I still felt really numb but i could handle it. So after smoking a bowl of some kron to my face I went back to my house. I layed in my bed and I finally was getting to base line. My mind felt really clear like I was born once again and I started to think about all the stupid stuff I do like smoke weed and drink. I had a moment of complete clarity. I even convinced myself that I could become the president of U.S. if I wanted to. An the next day i was back to normal. I got another eight and mucnched it cuz my friend told me so, but I didn't get anything out of it except mild body high and really rotten feeling.
Anyway, that was the best expirience i ever had with shrooms. All the other times i did them it wasn't the same at all although I took larger quantaties. Maybe they were different strains?

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