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first time 4-ACO-DMT trip report


To start off I would like to say I am an experienced user of most psychedelics. countless trips with shrooms anywhere from 1.5 grams to 6 grams. LSD a handful of times. salvia twice. Weed of course but I don't really count that. ive done other drugs but found im only fond of psychedelics.

I am 22 years old 180lbs. my buddy is with me and he is the same stats as me.

So ill start off from the beginning.

17:45 i show up to my buddies house to pick him up to go buy a new bowl. we shop in there for close to an hour just looking at all the pieces.

18:45 We drive to meijer and light up some weed in my car and chill out to plan the rest of our evening. after a few bowls we are both pretty lit. 

19:45 We drive over to the mall which has a movie theatre. find a movie to watch while in the car but we have a bit before it starts so we decide to take a hit of salvia while we wait.
(it was a pretty weak trip as far as salvia goes. just kind of made us sink into the seat of the car and become the seat.)

20:15 We light another bowl of weed. at this point we came up with the idea to eat some shrooms before the movie. I go in my trunk to grab them and forgot I had taken them out earlier that day. But in my search i found the 4-ACO-DMT i had. so i bring that back into the car and ask my buddy if he wanted to try that instead. both of us new to this drug.
we heard the come up can be fast so we waited til 20:30 to take it.

20:30 we split up two piles of around 25mg each. i had 100mg but read 25 is a good start. we lick our fingers and get the powder on our fingers and put it in our mouths. the taste is very sour and tart tasting. not to bad. we let it sit for a minute or two then wash it down with some mountain dew.
we get up right away to go see our movie. 

20:40 we are buyong tickets and the woman is talking to me like im special or maybe im just trippin already and shes talking normal speed but it felt like an eternity.

20:45 we are in the line for conssessions and we both start to trip hard!

20:50 i had got lost in line. i was now on the ceiling looking down on everyone but they were all just paintings. it wasnt until my buddy grabbed me that i came back down to the ground and found my bearings. every step i make towards the theatre is like stepping into a different painting and a different world.

20:55 feels like forever since i was in the conssession line. were now in the theatre waiting for the movie to start. every preview sucks us into the life of that movie.

21:05 the movie starts. we watched a girl on a train. i was so lost the entire movie just trying to figure my life out. it wasnt until the end when everything made sense. it wasnt until i was back at the car that i realized that was a movie and not my own life story.

its around 23:00 we are in the car and we are just talking about the movie for an hour or so. i dropped my buddy off and go home and lay in bed making up alternate realities for my life and actually believing they are my life. like im a business man for a large corp. and i have to cheat on my wife for my business deals to go through. i hated myself for 10 minutes just laying there until again  i realized thats not me. i did this 3 times until i finally fell asleep and had the most realistic dream of my life.

woke up the next morning perfect and ready to go to work at 0700.
all in all may be my new favorite psychedelic.

sorry if this trip report sucks its my first one. 

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