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The Trip to Different Dimentions

Every effect of LSD experienced

Well, where to even begin with one of the most intense and majestic experiences of my life.  This was my first time ever combining two psychedelics and it did not disappoint.  As well, this was my first time dosing at 500 ug total, quite a heavy dose for someone who jumped from 300 ug, although I felt extremely comfortable doing this as I’m quite experienced with psychedelics.   This experience was by far my most profound and one that I will never forget.


I decided that I was going to drop 2 tabs of 1P-LSD @ 100ug and 1 tab of AL-LAD @ 150ug, for a total of 350ug. I hadn’t seen to much info on the combination of these two so I decided to contribute to science a little and experiment myself, although I knew these two were safe to combine.  So that evening I decided to drop at 5:30 pm right before sunset, I was house sitting my girlfriends house and decided this would be the perfect opportunity to have a nice strong trip.  I started feeling the effects within about 40 minutes after drop, everything just felt a little off but it felt fantastic at the same time.  I decided that I was going to go long boarding around the neighborhood, doing several laps while waiting for the peak to set in.  I have to tell you, long boarding on acid is one of the funnest/unique experiences.  The board seem to flow with my body, it felt almost as if I was surfing on a cloud.  The music playing in my headphones totally set the mood to skate into the sunset.  However once dusk started to set below the horizon a lot of neighbors were walking around the block which made me run the idea through my head if I looked really fucked up.  I decided to go back to the house.  Now keep in mind it was just the start of October and my girlfriends house had several creepy demented Halloween props.  I wasn’t even tripping that hard when I saw them but god damn they gave me the creeps, so I chose to avoid leaving the house anymore as I would have to pass them again.  And if I was tripping any harder I felt that would have been a sure fire way to send me into a horror trip.


            Once I got inside this is when I felt the trip really start to build, and I felt that I was almost losing touch with reality.  Things seemed like they were escalating way to quickly, but I was ready to ride that LSD wave!  I just tried to keep myself as calm as I could, and it worked quite well!  I was about 2.5 hours in and I still didn’t feel like I was tripping as hard as I should have been.  So I contemplated for quite some time as to whether or not to drop 25mg of 4-aco-dmt.  I was seriously thinking about it, but I made a damn good decision not to take it.  Had I taken that dose, I don’t think that I would have been in a good mind state whatsoever.  I decided that I wanted to trip a little bit harder so I dosed another 150ug of AL-LAD.  Now I was at a total of 500ug, this was my first heavy dose on acid and it was getting intense.  Visuals were literally popping off everything, and I was really really starting to trip now.  I decided to smoke 1 joint and let me tell you, this LAUNCHED me into hyperspace.  This was the first time I’ve ever truly felt the genuine power of these chemicals.

            I laid my head back and was watching the little dots of light on my ceiling move and all of a sudden BAM! The light dots turned into somewhat of a morphing mushroom shape. This began getting more and more intense until I felt myself starting to leave my body.  This was quite an amazing feeling as I’ve never felt this before, it was incredibly spiritual!  The lights kept getting more and more intense until I felt myself start to lose the ability to see anything other than geometric patterns.  I closed my eyes and BAM I got sent even deeper into hyper space.  The music and the CEV’s were in sync, these geometric patterns were something you would see in a music visualizer.   They were without a doubt one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, so intricate and so detailed.   I stood up after what felt like 20 years, I walked over to my mirror and when I looked at myself, my body and face took the texture of the wooden door behind it.  This was so amazing that my body literally looked as though it had wood grains running all over my skin.  I walked over to drink a little bit of orange juice as I was quite thirsty.  This is when one of the other most intense effects I’ve ever had kicked in, I closed my eyes as I drank the orange juice.  And quite literally my vision changed to complete orange, and I could quite literally taste the color orange and yellow.  This was such a crazy experience, if you’ve never tasted a color before you should really try it sometime.  After about 30 min or so is when I started to come down, I finished off my night with some YouTube and fell asleep around 4:30am.  After about a week later, I still feel myself appreciating this trip immensely.  I don’t think ill ever be able to go back to the same as I once was.  Not in a bad way whatsoever, I have such a greater appreciation for life now.  And I realize that not everything in life is how it seems, and that there’s a lot more going on behind the curtain than you realize.  The experience that I had while peaking is something that I’ll cherish to the day I die.  I’m so grateful that I got to experience the tasting of colors, an out of body experience, and soul searching through my mind.  Hands down one of the greatest trips of my life!

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