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dry 3.8 gram first time shroom trip

repeating time, saw vault boy?

 After researching the effects of mushrooms and psilocybin, this trip is not how i expected it to be. At all. 

Earlier that day, i had bought 4 grams of dried psilocybe cubensis. I then weighed it out and it was 3.8, which didn't really bother me. I had planned to divide it up into two trips. But at this time i was very excited to experience this, and wanted a meaningful experience. A couple days prior i had the chance to mentally prepare myself in a way, but what i orginally prepared myself for was not even close to what happened. Its quite impossible to prepare ones self for this type of expereince, no matter how many trip reports you read. Whenever i take anything i take it at a certain time. Such at 10:00 10:10 and so on, so i can easily know the time of when the effects, well effected me. So at around 10:05 p.m, i was in a  pretty good state of mind. I was also very excited for the expereince. With "preparing" myself i still didn't know exactly what i was about to experience. 

I proceeded to eat the dried 3.8 grams by simply chewing and washing down with water. My room was dark and i was confident i wouldn't have one of these bad trips that pondered in the back of my mind. About 20  minutes in i  began feeling this sort of stoned feeling, but stronger more like i had just taken a nice sized dab of high quality shatter. I then saw my door start to look odd, the patterns on it began to sort of whirl around, but very un-noticable like i had to focus on it. After that u went into my step-sisters room to smoke some cannabis. We smoked about 6 bowls because i had a pretty heavy tolerance. And every hit the shrooms were coming on stronger and stronger, it was almost as my tolerance for cannabis had disappeared. After we finshed smoking, she had these psychadelic posters in her room, and i was just sitting there staring at them quite dumbfounded. The colors became so saturated and started moving aorund almost in a maze of patterns. It felt like i was staring at it for an eternity. I kept staring at it not even realizing i was still doing so, because the patterns were so beautiful. 

At that point i wanted to go back in my room, because i like experiencing these types of things alone. I left the room sort of weird i just said "Alright bye." Because i couldn;t really get much else out. As i did so i went to the bathroom to pee, and noticed the towels had gained life, and started breathing. I than heard voices, that sounded like they were coming from the towels. They were defintitely speaking english, but i could not understand what they were saying. Before when i read about auditory hallucinations i feared i might be taken back or scared by them. But it was almost calming, I then went pee which also felt like an eternity. As i flushed to toilet and stared down into the whirling water it was like it was saying goodbye or something. I proceeded to go lay down and go on my phone. Gladly i can type my password by muscle memory because if i couldnt i wouldn't even be able to open my phone. 

Still hearing voices, they continued to calm me in a way. I couldn't let them freak me out otherwise i knew that wouold be a start to a horrible rest of the trip. At this time it was about an hour and a half into it. The icons on my phone because to vibrate around and for a lack of a better word, squiggle around. They would also rearrange themselves. I was texting someone and lost the ability to read english because the letters were vividly jumping around. Not to mention the insane body high. And i had dabbed alot in the past i knew a strong body high and this was beyond cannabis capabilites. I opened my phone again and just stared at the icons. I was messing with the brightness and i could literally hear the sound as it got brighter it got louder, and visa versa. 

Now about 2 and a half hours in, I would be seeing something or doing something and than look at the time, and thats when time started repeating itself. Over and over my actions and the clock would reverse and things that happened 5 minutes ago started happening again. There was no logical perception of time at that point. The downright most vivid thing i saw happened about 10 minutes of insanity later.

Now i have never played fallout before. But i knew about the child character i later learned was called the vault boy. I have no idea if anyone else has ever seen this or if this has any deeper meaning, but as i scroll through instagram completely in awe of the beautiful photos, A cartoon character started growing out of my phone. The only way i can describe it, is it was growing out of the top of my phone, and curving towards my face with a thumbs up hand out. And than it stopped growing, and just stayed completely still just staring at me with a creepy smile. If you dont know what the vault boy looks like i suggest you look it up. 

After that, i don't remember anything except for the lgiht through my window growing and as it grew it got louder. There are a lot of blank times where i can't remember what happened. 

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