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Crazy Weed Trip

Crazy Weed Trip


So I was sitting at a local park with my friend (who smokes alot) at around 9pm, and we were about to smoke some weed. I have only smoked about 6 times before, and never really felt anything more than being a little tipsy or dizzy, but nothing more. My friends told me that perhaps I a have high tolerance for weed, since everytime we smoked, we all smoked about the same amount, yet they felt it much more than I did.
My friend started smoking the joint, and passed it to me. When I smoked it I felt something weird. The taste was kinda different, and it was easier to smoke. It turns out that my friends always mix the cannabis with tobacco, yet this joint was pure cannabis. Knowing that I must have high tolerance for weed, I smoked more than he did. about 3/4 of it. And then... it hit me.

We were sitting on a bench. I looked at a girl that was exercising about 50m away from us, and then looked at my friend, that was sitting next to me. Suddenly, my vision became "wider" and it seemed like they both are in the same distance from me - it was like I was viewing a painting.
Next, every time I looked at the greenery near us and my body wasn't moving (since I wasn't moving), It felt like I'm not in my body anymore, like my body is frozen and doesn't belong to me. My vision "zoomed in" to the greenery. Again, it felt like I'm viewing a painting of my body and the greenery.

This kinda scared me since I've never been that high before, and I never felt anyting like this before, it was pretty intense. I was starting to think that I'm dreaming (since that was the only logical explanation to what I was feeling). I asked my friend if he's also feeling what I'm feeling, and I told him about the frozen body thing and he just laughed. We were on a different high.
I told him that I'm thirsty and we started walking towards the drinking fountain, and this is when things got alot weirder.. It felt as though time wasn't continuous, as if we were "lagging" and everything was repeating itself. It felt like we were walking 3 steps forward, and then 2 backwards, and then 3 forwards, 2 backwards.. Time wasn't moving in straight line. It was moving in segments.

We have finally reached the drinking fountain, drank some water, and then laid down on a flat bench. I listened to some music on my earphones and looked up at the stars. I "saw" shapes and lines. I didn't full on hallucinate them, and I was aware that I wasn't hallucinating them, but I still "saw" it in my mind. It was like I was interpreting the sound of music to shapes and colours. Not exacly synesthesia but something in between. It's really hard to explain it with words.
I was starting to think that maybe I fell asleep right after we smoked the joint and now I'm in a dream, and that I'm the ambassador of the "real world" in this "dream world"/hell/heaven. Or maybe I'm going crazy now and I won't be the same ever again. Maybe this is my world from now on. Maybe I'm lucid dreaming. It felt like this trip will never end and that time lost it's meaning. Thousands of thoughts ran through my head every second, and It felt like we were laying there for hours, although it was actually only around 15 minutes.

Eventually, we decided to go home. On my way home, I walked through this aisle of trees that looked the same and it seemed like I was walking the same path for thousands of times, kinda like in the "Limitless" movie opeining scene:
Also I was listening to music and every song that I heard was a decisive factor in how I felt and generally in how I percieved the world. when I stopped listening to music, suddenly the colours of the world were "colder" for a few seconds.
I was starting to get fed up with this lunatic feeling and this trip in general and I wanted it to end. And then I thought, "hey, maybe you are wrong in your way of thinking. Maybe instead of waiting for this trip to end you need to enjoy every minute of it." This thought really inspired me and stayed with me after the trip, because generally in life I always wait for things to end, and I never enjoy the moment.. Like when I was younger always waited for school to end. And then waited for college to end, etc..

Upon finally reaching home, I ran straight to my bed and tried to fall asleep. My forehead was very hot and my hands were slightly trembling. I finally fell asleep and woke up the next morning still feeling kinda lunatic and stoned but mostly confused. I never thought that I have the ability to feel the things Iv'e felt in this trip. Even when typing this, I'm still kinda shocked that this actually happened, and that weed can be so strong. It was very unexpected and it was much more intense than getting drunk or something.

Thank you for reading :)

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