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overdose of crystal dmt?


Hi i was in holland tried to smoke for first time i took about 7 smokes. At first everything was ok trees were bright green and was dancing i saw energy in my hand and in my friend then bad feeling came up like i dont want this to hapen, and everything stoped and looked normal but the bad feeling become biger and biger i felt my hands were burning and when i feel like i will die from bad feeling i couldnt move my fingers it was like put to electricity even in video the hands look very red. I tried not to panic but for me it looked that my heart is stoping i drank some water and waited after few minutes electricity went away from hands. Also i remember about 10 20 seconds of visuals and in video from my camcorder i was looking everywhere about 10 min and like seeing thigs. Also as i wach video looks like these 10 minutes is these 10 seconds because i remember where i was looking and what saw and waht we talked... for my friend was everything ok and he saw visuals all the time and the time when i was in bad condition and he had no side effects like me just a little shaking after everything like i did too.
I dobt wabt to try this again because i dont want my heart to be stoped.. Anyway i want to see and know more but i am scared of my health.
What happened for me? the material was 100% good dont discus about it...
One of my friens say that it was energy in my hands but it feeled like it hadnt got blood inside but then it would be white or blue not red maybe i dont know. Maybe someone expierienced electricity hands and feeling of heart stoping?

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