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Wild salvia experience

World was spinning

 last night i got ahold of some salvia 30x.
I decided to go to the woods to smoke bowl, and so i did.
I packed a huge bowl out of a mini hookah and cleared it out, almost immieditly i felt the effects.
While i was walking up the trail through the woods i felt like I was in 2 worlds at the same time, When i moved my right leg to go forward
it felt like i was falling through the world to the right and same to the left, It was so weird that its hard to explain. But the best way to describe it is like feeling like i was in 2 different worlds at the same time, and it was very interesting. About 5 minutes in i stoped moving and looked around to see the whole world spinning around in circles very fast. After that i can barley remember what happened, but i did make it home. I can sorta remember the feeling of thinking that stuff was falling out of my pockets but nothing was missing. 
Anyway figured i would share this weird experience. 

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