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Frozen Bridgesii

Quick and easy 8 hour energy treat

I have frozen some cuttings, and having had good experience with both .175g mushroom and 1/5th tab LSD microdoses I thought I'd try Bridgesii.

I microdose for work energy, so at work I have a foot cutting in the freezer.  I take it out and let it soften 20 minutes then cut off 2 or 3 ribs lengthwise.  Peeling off the skin now is super easy and quick.

I break the ribs into bite-sized pieces and coated them in sugar.  Put them back in the freezer if they've gotten soft.  You want a crunchy frozen treat to help you chew and break cell walls without too much taste.  I actually start to kind of enjoy the flavor at the end, and keep chewing the last bite and carrying it buccally.

Energy arrives in 30 minutes, then waned before ramping up again over a couple hours to a steady and enjoyable plateau.

I feel a little electric, a little lightning in the legs and singing with the music feels good.  I feel amped up and energized... a little speedy if I take more than 3 ribs, although I do drink a bit of coffee to potentiate.

I feel my good mood is rubbing off on people, and work goes smoothly.  I like it more than psilocin microdoses because there is less danger of doing "too much" and being in an akward mental space in public.  Nausea is minimal, even with 4 ribs.

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