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1/8 shrooms first gone bad

 So me and 3 other friends decided to do shrooms one day. This experience was about 3 weeks ago. We all met up at our friends house, I was kind of excited and a little nervous. Going into this shroom trip i wasnt expecting it to be how it was. We were originally supposed to do it at a place up in the mountains, where there are nice views, and almost little to no people in the area. (VERY SECLUDED). But we didnt have a ride so my friends decided to do it at a park near the beach. At this moment this was where I thought it all went wrong. I myself thought it was a bad idea because sometimes there are cops and shit and people walking around jogging walking there dogs so i wasnt really comfortable with the idea. They also mentioned walking around the beach while all tripped out which really spooked me because I figured we were going to relax and just chill on the grass listen to music that kinda stuff. We all bought orange juice prior to this. So we go and park my friends car at this mall place about a half mile where we were going to chill at. My friends decided to take the shrooms in the parking lot so we do. Another big mistake......... It was really hot that day so we were all sweating.... and have ingested the shrooms already. (1/8) we then proceeded to walk to the park, drinking the OJ on the way too. My friend mentions that we grab a snack at this cancer research center right by the park...... another big wrong ..... So we all go inside and grab our snacks, i got a peanut butter protein bar, and sit right outside of the research center. THIS IS WHEN IT STARTED TO GO ALL WRONG. we were just chillin right outside when all of a sudden i get this weird nausea in my head followed with a stomach ache. this nausea made me want to vomit but i didnt want to becuase i thought id be wasting the shrooms. thats when it started funky, i began to feel very nauseated. Prior to this I only had breakfast(no lunch) and it was very hot that day and i was sweating, could be a factor in the nausea IDK. The time is about 3 o clock. While sitting at the table with my 3 friends i just felt a weird feeling creeping up on me, like "is this really what i got myself into?" doing shrooms sitting down right outside a cancer center, are you fucking nuts..... I look at my friends and they start laughing which really felt odd at the time. they are tripping already too. NOTE this is just 25 or so minutes after taking the shrooms. At this cancer center we were at there were obviously workers outside doing their thing. I remember seeing this one skinny japanese lady who looked like a doctor or scientist or whatever walking by us and thinking "why the fuck does she look like an alien"... At this time im cold sweating, and shit because im tripping balls. the janitors there were looking at us and eventually told us to leave, might have been because we looked odd or strange we all agreed that we were already tripping. When we get up i feel nauseated and just wobbly so now we are proceeding to our chill hangout spot where we initially were supposed to go first instead of the cancer place. We were walking on the grass and it felt weird it was really hot and i was sweating like crazy i remember. So we no are walking on teh street looking like a bunch of idiots as cars drive past us. at this time i keep saying "im tripping hard guys" and my friends just say to me to try and chill and relax. Now we are at the park walking around trying to find a spot to chill at and thats when ive had enough. I was sweating like crazy, and told my friends" we need to stop moving and just find a spot to chill at cause all this moving is making us more sweaty and  nauseated. So we sit down and this was when it hit me full on.... this was the tipping point. We were sitting on the grass all fucked up, i was gagging because i felt like complete shit and tried to vomit... on the grass we were sitting there were ants and shit crawling on us so i felt weird af. The grass made me feel itchy so i kept fidgeting around and ended up taking my shirt off(bad idea). my other friends could see that I was already having a bad trip becuse i wasnt talking and was cold sweating like crazy. My other friend calls up one of his buddies to let him know hwere we were because they wanted to chill and smoke weed with us. When they came it felt like they were talking in 3rd person to me, and at one point i thought one of them was my brother who wasnt there at the time. I was hallucinating they were saying some weird shit and for some reason i felt like they were video taping me and showing the videos to my brother. at that point i thought i had enough. i wanted to go home but a sense of reality wasnt there. I felt so sick that i vaguely remember seeing my dad nd mom there calling 911 because i was that sick, but obv they werent there. I thought i had died because while i was layin
g on the grass i felt like i was stuck with teh earth forever. In my head there was this huge loop like i would never come bck to life and that scared the shit out of me. i ended up going to the emergency room that day for reasons i wont specify but lesson here is dont do an 1/8 of shrooms your first time. it was the worst trip of my life 

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