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25-c My first ever trip

A journey of drug dealer entity contacts and hospital trips

To start things off, at this point in time i had no idea what the concept of "tripping" was. I thought it consisted of wild colors and morphing walls and objects. No "in the head" type stuff. Up until recently at this time i had just found out there wasnt a difference between acid and lsd. Believed it was two separate things (but to this day amongst friends we refer research chems to as "acid" and lsd as "L" or "Lucy". It deserves its own brand of recognition that's for sure) I had only smoked weed, and done a hand full of prescription drugs i could steal off my parents like ambien and hydros but not really knowing what exactly was going on in my brain (i was 14 at the time guys okay) i tried cocaine once before but swore i got no high from it. 

But a time comes around when the man i was purchasing pot off of at the time, was about to get his hands on some "rcs'' or "research chemicals" he explained. I asked wtf those were; they sound wicked, and he said that they were cheaper and some times better versions of more expensive drugs. I was like oh ok so youre trying to sell fake drugs and he proceeded to say "yes but fun fake drugs" and i was of course game and told me to keep me posted. 

Few weeks past. He finally gets it. Says he has acid but its this stuff called 25i and 25c. Derivatives of lsd. And i asked him what the fuck is all this im like i thought lsd was its own thing you're blowing my mind right now dude and he broke it all down for me and i was still hella lost. But a freind and i decide to go halfs on a hit cause he said u can do that. My friend and i each get 5 bucks goes and gets it. Hes back in 30 mins or so and we go to my house to cut the blotter with scissors. We each pop half and we have the bitch sitting under our tongues for like 30 minutes. I guess my dealer told him when he went and got it that you can't swallow the blotter and he took that information as you cant swollow at all. So we had all this chemical foam bs in our mouths. Tastes disgusting. Told me i can't swallow so i must not be able to spit. Few more minutes pass and this shit is fizzing up so much its making my cheeks stretch. Im like fuck this and i just spit it out and gag a lot and puke a little because it tasted so gross and the foam was a werid texture. Friend ends up spitting to. We have to depart because i have to go home and he is going to hang out with some buddies. Long story short he felt nothing. I had a micro dose trip for sure. No details needed; pretty self explanatory. 

Now, after this, I think this is what tripping is. But like. I dunno more colorful. Cause there wasnt much of that. So im down a 100% to "trip" again. So. Its the day before Christmas eve when i have money for a bag. But im also contemplating on how cool that acid was. I hit up weed man ask him if he could do a 10 bag and a hit. And he said that he only had a little of the acid left and it was the 25c and he has to bump the price to 15 a hit. I was kinda like damn because i know he doesnt like doing 5 bags and i wasnt about to ask him either. I said something like "thats sucks i understand though. I really want that acid so can you smoke with me for 5 bucks and i buy the hit" and he was all for that. 

I ask my dad if i can go to a friends house for a little bit and he said yes but to be back within an hour to help with dinner and i obliged so. I ride my bike over to his crib (about 6 blocks from me) and he meets me at the end of the street. (not normal) and he is breaking the tab off the strip as hes walking up to me and says "here. Pop this right now as we walk back to my house" and im like okay. My dad calls me and says "hey. Its Christmas. You can stay out a little longer i dont need much help here" and i proceeded to tell him id still try to make it back in a reasonable time to help, but i planned on neglecting this leway as always. We're walking to his house. Talking bout bullshit stoner stuff and raider klan. We get to his house and he begins to load the bong and i ask him what this is gonna be like. And he told me the times he had on it and described seeings tracers behind cars and skate boarders and crazy rainbow like colors and that before all that happened id start to see morphing walls. I said how great it sounded and we proceeded to smoke. I hit the bong once or twice and by the third time it got to me i started looking at the walls and told him how i could aee them beginning to look like they were breathing and he said "haha yep. Youre feeling it" 

Some time passes by and his mom comes in the room and complains that there are people coming to buy a TV and that now the house reeked of pot. It was then time for me to go. I told him goodbye and he told me to have a good trip. It was getting dark. Roughly 6pm and I get on my bike and begin to ride home. The blotter still resting under my tongue. I then take a back street home since i know i have time to kill and i end up running into some friends walking their dog. I was really beginning to feel it. I was seeing these green kaleidoscopic patterns in my vision. Peculiar, i thought. Didnt see shapes at all last time. One of my friends asks if he could ride my bike up and down the street and said yes. I was then walking with the other friend and told him how i dopped acid and was starting to feel weird and confused. He asked me if i was okay and i was like yeah just wanna go home. And it seemed like forever until i got my bike back but looking back and asking friends he only rode it for a matter of less than 3 minutes. I got it back, told them good bye and headed on my way. I was on the main residential road that ran parallel to my house and a bit of this bike ride was a fuz excepet for the part i approached my house and i saw a street lamp emit a red shaded light that then changed to green and then as i rode past this light i came out of my body in a 3rd person perspective as i still rode my bike, i then came to when i myself was at my garage trying to open the door (really surprised how this didnt freak me out. Im pretty sure my ignorance of tripping really just let me go with the flow of if and justs shrugged if off)

I get home. Finally. And go inside. Dad is already cooking i tell him hi and that id be right there. I go to my room and everything becomes one big time loop. I see myself as a lawyer and that i have a job to do (still. This doesnt feel too scary to me at this time. It just feels weird.) my body stats getting hot and i start losing concetration on what is going on. Keep having a looping feeling. Like i kept getting set back in time by seconds, and i had to re do what i just to reassure myself i actually did it. Things start getting weird. I ask my dad if i can take a shower before dinner (the house shower at the time was only the master bathroom's, So i had to ask to use it.) he says yes. Apparenlty i take a 30 minute shower (cannot remember any visuals or parts of the trip during my showers at a l l). It feels longer, but i hit a point where i knew id been in there for a while and needed to get out. I got to my room. Attempt to dry off, and put on clothes, and before i know it im in a time loop again. I have now been set back wayyy in time. Before my shower i thought. So i asked my dad "can i take a shower before dinner?" and he asked me "didnt you just take one?" and i was told i looked at him very blankly and said "no i didnt" and he hesitantly said yes that it was fine. I take another 30 minute shower. Same process. I go back to my room, ANOTHER time loop, ask my dad "hey dad can i take a shower before dinner?" and now, he knew something was up. "Alright. What the fucka wrong with you, why are you taking your 3rd shower in the past hour" and i apparently got really confused. Physically and mentally. But all of most of what happens is a blur. Only certain moments i rememeber. This is when things got.. Werid

The most prominent thing was the entity contact. My dealer. Who sold me the substance. (please for the love of all what may be god please tell me if someone has had an identical experience) In this vison or hallucination or whatever you wish to call it, we were just walking down this street that wasnt far from either of our houses and i cannot remember if he spoke or not directly, but he was definitely giving me understandable energy. I was asking him what "this" was and why i was feeling the way i am and he just gestured that "everything is okay. This is what tripping is." and he gave me a bunch of more information and insight but its all pretty indistinguishable. The vision continued until we reached the end of the road and came to the stop sign, he then handed me the blotter i was tripping on and as soon as i put it on my tongue, i came to and my dad had me up against a wall asking me what exactly i had taken. I was randomly blurting out drug, yelling "Herion! Coke! Pcp!" my dad proceeded to say "dont bullshit you didnt take any of that crap, what did you take!" "mushrooms!" i yelled "mushrooms? You took mushrooms?" "yes! No no acid! Acid i took acid!" his face filled with rage "YOU DID ACID?" he yelled at me. I began to cry saying "yes. Yes. Yes" and everythings a blur from there. 
Time passes by and im tripping out. Im having voices asking me "are you high? No. You cant be high. You get high all the time. This isnt what high is being like" repeaing over and over agian until i came to the conclusion i wasnt high, i was insane! 

I stripped myself of all clothing. Unlocked all my doors and ran across the street. My dad had to run out and coax me back in at least 6 times. But me running out a total of about 10. (my dad is using a cane to walk at this time because he had been bit by one of our dogs on the leg. So imagine a limping man chasing his naked child that was on acid.) One time i had picked up our miniature dachshund we had at the time and took him with me outside. I then heard a helicopter above my head and sirens and believed it was cops and they were coming for me. I asked my myself "no no. They aren't coming for me, are they?" and the voices in my head told me "yes. Youre that high right now. Theyre coming for you" and i ran back with the dog to the house so i wasnt outisde when they show up. 

My dad is just getting tired. Things are looking hopeless because im just tripping harder and harder. He ends up calling our neighbor and tells him whats going on. The two of them then worked together to man handle me into a chair where my dad proceeded to starp me to it with a belt. He then set up a camera of ours and filmed a good 15 minutes of me. I didnt Peak again for the rest of the time and at some point my dad called my mom too and she came home from work early. She was p i s s e d. They dont know what to do with me. They decide to take me to the hospital so they know im not permanently like that i guess But at this point its already been 4-5 hours. We get in the car and before were 20 minutes away i was already coming down and gaining my grasp again. 
She still drove me to the hospital. Scoulded me the whole way, trying to make me feel like a piece of shit but im an emotionless sack of nothingness at this point so none of what she says matters. Im just happy to be sane again. 

We get to the ER, they admit me, give me drug test tell them its pointless i heard acid doesnt show up in piss but my mom makes me do it still. As im in the bath room i look at my face and myself with acceptance, proud that i went where i did and came out okay. I felt invicible. I give them the piss test, they Come back and prove me right, only found pot and alcohol in my system. They sit me in there for a lil longer, mom steps out for a cigarette and i talk with a nurse on why i did it and how i feel like i wont do it again (lol) and she said i was a really nice kid and seemed like it really hurt my mom so itd be best to get my shit together. And in which, i did. But still doing drugs while being a better person. 

WAYTL;DR: Look into what the fuck psychedelics do, oorrr very unpleasant things will happen. This almost ruined tripping for me entirely but i was able to see its magic after a few more experiments. Happy thoughts! Love you and thanks for the read!

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