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This was the first time i did shrooms.

This was the first time i did shrooms. I didn't eat anything for the entire day so that i would trip hard. I went to my friend Kev's house i split an eigth with him. And we popped a couple of vitamin c pills. 45 minutes went by and we weren't feeling anything. So we called our dealer and bought a gram of some awesome haze. It took twenty minutes for him to arrive. Then we had to walk half a mile to the store to pick up a blunt. By then an hour and a half went by from the time we popped them. I was so pissed off that we weren't feeling anything. So we started rolling those blunts and my friend kev started laughing histerically. According to him he was completely feeling it. I wanted to know what it felt like so bad. So we went into his pitched black attic to smoke those blunts. We had a candle with us in this really small sort of room in his attic. We started smoking and after i started to feel something strange. I didn't realize how fucked up i was until i saw my this little santa clause ornament morph into a swan. I wasnt ready for that so i screamed. Then our shadows stared morphing into weird things. My friend took his hand and kept moving it up and down on the candle making it look like a giant hand was crushing us. Me and Kev were scared shitless begging him to stop. After those blunts were done we worked up the courage to go back down stairs to Kev's room. We sat there and kev put on a light projector that shot colorful lights all over the room. Since this was a sound activated light projector when he put on music the lights would rotate. So Kev blasted some crazy european techno and trance music. I was tripping so hard i thought i was in another world it felt like the lights were massaging me it was amazing. Then we started to play Battlefront II and for some reason we were wearing paintball masks then things got amazing. It was the greatest shrooming environment, lights colorful lights all over the room massaging you, music blasting, and all of the colorful lasers in battlefront. At first we felt like the actual soldiers in the game whenever we got shot we felt it. If we fell off a cliff we would get intense butterflies. The shrooms literally put us in the game. We were in the mind setting like we were actual soldiers everything they would feel we would it was so wierd. This was only my first time on shrooms I've tripped much harder than this before but this was by all time my favoite one.

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