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It was about 8:30 pm during last summer (98) and me and my friend decided that we were going to trip for our first time.

It was about 8:30 pm during last summer (98) and me and my friend decided that we were going to trip for our first time. We drove down to his friends house, bought some shrooms came back to my house, got in the pool, and we both swallowed a shit lowed of caps. Nothing really happened for about two hours except a warm fuzzy feeling. My friend proceeds to take a nap in my room, while I start to watch tv. I hear a car pull into my driveway and paranoia begins to infest my mind. Deciding that I have to protect my home I began to strap all the weapons I own onto my body either with a belt or with duct tape. The amount of weapons I have is monstrous. I hve about thirty knives, three swords, a whip, kamas, sais, tonfas, throwing stars, staffs, war ax, throwing axes, and a mace. I go into my backyard expecting a fight of the century to only realize that there was nobody there. I began to go inside when a hear a stick crack as if it had been stepped on. I turn around to find close to 50 ninjas all over my backyard. I gave out a gigantic war cry and went to work on destroying every last one of the ninjas. Cutting them up, hitting them on the head, impaling them, throwing knives, stars and axes at them. The problem was when their bloody corpses began to melt and be absorbed into the ground. I then grabbed my flamberge claymore (a five and a half foot long sword with a wavy blade) and walked to the center of my yard waiting for anything to cross my path. I looked at the tree that was in my yard and a face formed in its trunk. It told me that I had done well and that we shall meet again. I collected my weapons finding that they had no blood on them, and took myself up to my room. put my weapons away, went to my bathroom, got into the bath tub, and realized that though I hadn't run the bath, it was filled with water anyways. I relaxed for a while, then the water started to change into molten metal which looked like silver but i'm not quite sure. The molten metal was not hot like it should have been but it was so incredibly cold that i had to leave the tub. I woke my friend up and told him what happened. I then decided, being as exhausted as I was that i would go to sleep.

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