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20 GS fresh p cubensis very sick!

Never been sicker

First of all I will say damn! With that said I began my night with 3 tall boy natty ice after a long day in the field, I had collected somewhere around 30 to 40 caps. Now I'm in no way psilocybin naive, I have had many a hallucinogenic Adventure, between LSD a few times and mostly p. Cubes, so it's safe to say " i know what I'm doing"... Or so I thought.

My usual dose was anywhere between 2- 6 grams dry p. Cubes depending on the situation. I did learn some respect for the fantastic fungi at a young age (16 or so, I'm now 28) when I had learned how to safely ID the mushrooms. Pardon the back story to my adventures, I just want to help fellow Tripper's be safe and if I can keep someone from what I experienced last night then I will feel better about what I went through. Now back to 16 when I learned to respect the shroom. My fellow fungi forager and I had split a quarter of dry p cubes that being a good comfortable trip at the time lead us to the fields, being summertime in Florida we had no trouble finding some mushies, after eating only God knows how many fresh shrooms we decided to call it a night, needless to say we had no control over calling anything, let alone calling it a night, long story short we found ourselves incapacitated by the powerful psilocybin in the fresh mushrooms, after convincing each other we were dieing as we were probably around lvl 4 at the time and never been there before, panic set it, vomiting, anxiety, and paranoia come over us like a wave in the ocean. The moral of the back story is there are so many beautiful natural plants and fungi on this earth, the one thing any tripper should do is educate yourself, understand that your not going to die from properly identified mushrooms, unless you do something stupid! Educate, understand, and be reasonable!

So about last night which is why I'm here, 3 natty ice deep my ex GF starts texting around 10pm last night, being already tipsy, and us still being very close I started sharing my harvested pictures and raving about how beautiful they are.
Being under the influence of alcohol I began showing off if you will. I started videoing myself layout 5 grams wet,( now they were drying for a few hours, but they were still very fresh. I sent her the video of me eating the 4 or 5 little caps, and then finished another beer. Not 30 min later I laid out another 5 grams wet which was 1 rather large cap and 1 small, at this time I was already feeling the first dose and getting excited. 
A hour in I was feeling great, I was enjoying a cigarette outside with all the nature, but for some reason I believed it wasn't enough, so here comes where I really was irresponsible, I put one of the largest caps I had on the scale and it reads 10grams so I went with it, I rolled it up in my palms and bit it in half and chased with some water, finishing the other half of course, I just like to swallow them like a pill. 
Outside for another cigarette I went, just the action of taking the 10 gram cap ( and stem) blew me up! I was having wonderful thoughts, visuals, all the good stuff, I joked with my ex who I was still texting about how messed up I was and the 10gram cap hasn't even said hi yet, but something in the back of my head ( probably the little bit of common sense I had left) told me Oh shit! And I was right, after my phone dieing I decided to open myself to nature and lay in a chair outside, I was so happy and thankful for everything around me and just so comfortably numb if you will. This is the kind of trip you want, now I don't need to get into my experience to much because I believe that the mushies have individually different effects on everyone, depending on mental status, and just individual psyche. But I will say I was on level 5 status for sure!
After another hour of enjoying binary beats, and static electricity under my covers lol (don't judge), I really began peaking, visuals had the least of my attention, I was trying to figure out my life in the matter of 5 min (which to Me seemed like 5 hours) I had loss of ego as my music was carrying me away from my own mind, the feeling is just bliss! It's like you are your own therapist talking to yourself from a perspective you can't even fathom in reality. Now all that was wonderful and such good clean vibes, not a second of anxiety or paranoia, now I will say to help with paranoia it really benefits you to understand how mushrooms effect you, once you know what to expect its all just a good time! 

Now for the part that just isn't worth going through all those beautiful experiences, ( IMO) the nausea set in and of course like most of my trips I just said oh that will go away and I'll feel great in another hour.... 20 min later about 130 2 am, I find my self vomiting everything out, which at that time was some beer and the 10 gram cap, I couldn't help but to admire the cap even after throwing it up, maybe I'm odd but I just love the little guys,
So I said ok all done I feel better now, but no, I was in no way better, I continued throwing up every 15 to 30 min from 2 am to 8am! I'm not talking about just throwing up like when your drunk, I'm talking about throwing up when you down 3 cups of curdled milk while having a stomach bug and the flu! Not long after my first barf sesh it started coming out the other end! So as you can imagine I was a little concerned, being that I had never been that sick in my life let alone on shrooms, but again, I have educated my self on the particular genius and species of the mushrooms, so I understood I wasn't dieing, but my body was sure as hell telling me GTFO!!! So about 6 hours of pure misery and not being able to breath let alone move, with my body purging out every way possible, I finally feel asleep after a very gratifying xanex or 2, because I had to come down, I was still tripping at 8am. In no way is it good to mix pills or anything other then pot with shrooms IMO to be safe, but that's what they give you in the er for LSD OD is a benzo.
So drugs are bad mmmkay! Stick to natural substances! We are already being poisoned by today's food, air, and so much more. 

So last words, be responsible! Be smart, educate yourself, don't push yourself beyond your limits because it's just no fun barfing for 6 hours  striaght! My advice would be to make tea! My best shroom experiences were from tea! You still get sick but you don't have any body purging going on. Thank you for reading and I hope this will help keep someone from going through what I did last night. 

PS if anyone has had any similar experiences I would like to talk more about it, I'm trying to figure out if maybe I ate some with mold or bacteria, or something and maybe that caused a high level of a inactive or active substance in the mushroom itself.  Thanks!

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