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STARSCAPE: an LSD experience

Staring at a point into the end of eternity

It was Friday afternoon, soon after innoculating jars a friend of mine mentions how much he's been wanting to try lsd, I was kind of sceptical because I have never went through the only current connect I have before but I decided hell what's the worse that can happen, so I hit up a friend to obtain the blotter, we get to the house and a friend brings it out in a baggie and I unravel it and see what looks like paper clippings and I'm kinda confused, I've never seen unperforated blotter before, so as we're driving home I begin to split up the three strange clippings of blotter to share with my friend and as we're driving we both drop, I immediately feel the strange energetic feeling I am accustomed to when putting a tab on my tounge and I begin to get excited, "T lets get the fuck home!" so after about a half hour of driving we finnaly arrive at my house and we begin to feel the buzz coming on, and I realize I made a grave mistake, we forgot to buy weed while we were out! In a panicked state a call my friend c and explain him the situation so he tells me to stop by real quick before I'm "tripping" so I'm a rush t and I both jump in his truck and drive over to c's, 6 miles away, this was dumb I know, but also the most interesting rides I've been on, the landscape was so,beautiful rushing by and was beginning to look beautiful and the giggles were just setting in and I quickly realized why you should never drive under the influence of acid, or any drug for that matter, well by the time I was almost to codys I was already tripping so I ended up driving down the road at about 10mph not wanting to doe that day, finnaly we arrive at c's and he looks at us 18th a smirk and asks "so you got paper huh?" and I reply "nah dude we already ate it."
C looks amazed "are you tripping now?" 
"A little bit" *I start laughing*
"How THE FUCK did you drive here" exclaimed c
We all start busting up laughing and c hands me a bag of weed and proceeds to pack up his bowl. T is silently looking mesmerized, or maybe stuck, I remember c has a popcorn ceiling so I decide to blow ts mind, "hey t check out the ceiling" he looks at me kind of strange then finnaly shrugs his shoulders and looks up, "what am I supposed to,be looking at?"  "the ceiling" I reply and I guess the visuals for him really kicked in then cause all I heard from him was woooohhh, then we started to hit the bowl and that's we're all the fun started happening, my first visuals of the trip kicked in and I was silently watching the ceiling create a netting of complex pyramids and impossible traingles, I look over at t and he's pale shaking slightly and looks panicked so I speak up" hey! Who wants to go on a walk" and c agrees but t is still staring off into space very pale, and worried looking then as he realizes c and I are standing up he says hey what's going on? We say we're going for a walk you staying here? He immediately jumps up and says nope I'm coming, we walk outside and c's girlfriend a is waiting in he car so I approach her and begin to strike up a convo as t stands in front of c's trailer looking mesmerized , well after a few minutes we all decide to go get ice cream cause there's no fucking way I'm driving back home at this point so we all pile into a's car and begin to head to the ice cream shop as we're heading there I just close my eyes and take a deep inhale and I instantly felt waves of every emotion good and bad I've ever had wash over me and I was slowly bobbing my head to music as I watched faces and shapes and fractures construct before my eyes, by the time I opened them we were all getting out the car, we went into the ice cream shop and all sat on the bench and decided what to order I wasnt hungry so I closed my eyes and fell into bliss again and when I opened my eyes I realized everyone including the cashier was staring at me, then I realized I never ordered so i said"ughhh, I'm don't want anything, so then T paid and we all left the ice cream shop and got back in the car, we started driving back to c's when my sister began calling me, I answered and she said " hey, there's a party over here at as's j and j are here" so I was like oh Shit it's one ay, a lets go to as's and partayyy, *I never had to much of a problem following the set and setting rules but i,forgot that this was ts first time tripping there was no one at this party he knew and he's never been to the house before* so we get there and it's still pretty earlier and no one is really there yet so I hop out the car and lay on the grass and start taking to everyone who is there already while I'm staring at the clouds watching them morph into beautiful face looking patterns, we all shared some laughs and smoked a pipe then we all decided to,leave and ,get more bud and meet back up at the party house so as we're driving t looks at me and is like dudeee are bad trips even really a thing, and I just say nopeeee and laugh at him a little bit. A bout a half hour later we get,back to the house and,by this time I'm tripping pretty hard, so I just go sit in a lawn chair with my sister and a few others and start bullshitting. I have no,idea where t is at this point, we all share a few bowls and bullshit some more until more and more people start showing up then that's when shit really started popping, it started to,be dark and there was easily 50 people at,this party at this,point everyone i know,comes up to the chair I decided to plant my roots and dap me up, I finnaly decided to get up, we went inside cranked the tunes and started turning up we all went outside and there was few people in the trampoline the everyone decided to go,on so we have like 60 people on and around this trampoline and I'm in the middle of that bitch jumping thinking about aliens the universe and ying yang and I look up and notice the stars out so I was like ahhhhh shit so I jumped off the trampoline and ran over to a random car and jumped on the trunk and laid back to look at the stars and out of nowhere with two bottle of vodka in his hands and is like dudeeee next week I'm eating a whole ten strip and I'm just like easy there slugger you haven't even finished,this trip yet and he's like yeah I have I'm not even tripping anymore then he runs away and I'm like oh Shit this can't be good but I just shrugged my shoulders and looked up at the sky it was so beautiful, there was neat lines merging from every star everyone a different color and by this point I was beginning to see to the end of eternity, in my last trip I discovered I could influence the visuals and change colors with my mind so I thought of something I raised my finger focused all energy possible on it then drug it across the sky and as I did I noticed everything it passed in the sky kind of got drug with it and it was so fucking cool! I played around with this,new found ability for a while then,moved back over to the chair I started in then this girl came up and out her leg over me and was like look what I did and I was like wahhh and leaned into,where she was pointing and I leaned in and quickly realized there was nothing on her leg when she caressed the back of my head and neck, I wasn't really digging this girl so it kinda creeped me out , I don't remember how but I somehow removed my,self from that shit and I liked around and realized alot of,people were missing and none of my dudes informed me everyone was upstairs bout to,smoke so I ran up there right quick and joined the party we had at least twenty people packed into that room and a joint bigger then the average penis was being pared around and I was like God damnnnn then I sat in this big,comfy chair and stared at this big trippy mushroom poster and watched,multiple dimensions unfold before my eyes then my step sister came and sat next to me and was like how high are you, and all I said was yes then proceeded to hit this monster fat joint and once it was out everyone began to file out down stairs to begin a spaids tournament and I was like fuck that I can't function enough to play cards so I just chilled there 
And meditated and had amazing revelations about life love, discovered to much good is bad and to much bad is bad we need balance in the world and our lives and basically came to the conclusion that the purpose of life is to see how long your soul can inhabit a body and the real purpose of the world is to love and never pay judgment lie or steal or treat your fellow man with the respect you want, what really amazed me was I felt like I knew all this at one point and that's when I fully realized how bad the blinders society put on me,really we're, everything was so simple and so complex and honestly I wish I could put everything I learned in words so after that I went downstairs continued to meditate and visit different dimensions occasionally would conversate with my friends or someone would look at me and and smile we would share a laugh and then I would,go,back to meditating. I eventually saw t again and he was just like, oh Shit there you are, dude I don't remember anything and I was like man that sucks maybe next time you shouldn't binge drink when on acid, but I couldn't blame,him for,trying to fit in with everyone else, I probably shouldn't had taken him to that party but he said he had a great time so I was glad, I would have like to make this report more detailed but it's already pretty long and I have trouble putting intense psychedelic experiences in words, thanks for reading though guys(:

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