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Spirit Guides and the River of Time

My fifth Ayahuasca journey

I had finished brewing and had drunk the medicine, after smudging with white sage and praying to the spirits of my area for protection.

The first half, which I did in the late evening, was very curious... I had a bunch of spirit crows attach themselves to my arms and legs. A tiger spirit and some cat entities roamed around, purring and exploring. I was later contacted by an entity, who asked kindly if I would make a pact with it, a bond, to join me as a spirit helper. It seemed to be in the shape of a bird or something... at first, scared, thinking I was being tricked, I told it to leave, forcefully, and it started to do so, but the crows told me excitedly to accept to offer, to call it back. It did so, and I told it I would accept. It seemed happy that I had done so, and came towards me, and faded into my body, its presence vanishing altogether...

Later, I cried some more, released more pain and tears until I was too tired to do any more. Then, exhausted and bemused, I went to sleep.

And the second half of my journey, which I did the next morning, was utterly sublime. I have no real words to describe it, except maybe this string: River of Time, Ebb and Flow... look away from the reflection on the River and at the Source. Yin, Yang, Dao, Now, Then, Future, Past, Present, Coincidence, Synchronicity, Life, Death, Time, Rise, Fall, Ebb, Flow, Questions, Answers, Crow, Tiger, Birds, Time is a Bird...? River of Time, Ebb and Flow... again look away from the reflection on the River and at the Source. Life, Ideas... Ebb and Flow... Simple. Complex... Fractal. Question? Answer? Life... Ebb and Flow, River of Time.

Symbols of the Ineffable Mystery. Not that I fully understand it, from the perspective of my ego. Integration will take a while.

Answers? Questions? Does the Answer have to be known? Or is the Answer the Question...? I Know and don't Know... I couldn't bring everything back and that's Fine. :)

Ayahuasca... Sublime, Powerful, Beautiful... Questions, Answers? River of Time, Ebb and Flow. Simple. And so on...

During the most powerful part of this sequence, I saw vivid, powerful images of crows flowing towards and through my third eye, with a powerful feeling of birdness that was incredibly beautiful. The crow imagery was pointing towards my core Nature, somehow... crows never cease to amaze me, now, with their spiritual mysteries...

The afterglow was pretty strong, and I still hadn't finished all of my Medicine.

All in all? A journey that marked me very deeply...

And later that night... for whatever reason at the time, I decided to focus my palms on my third eye region, which proved to be rather strong. As soon as I did so... a voice asked me if I needed any help with anything... shocked at the reply, I mumbled about just wanting to see - "wanted to see what would happen?" the entity finished for me. I said yes, still in shock. The entity explained that I had made a pact with it during last night's ceremony. It told me certain things I don't remember, as well as its name, so that I could call upon it, him, as necessary.

This entity later turned out to be the angelic entity I saw in my Plato's Cave experience, but had been waiting to formally become one of my active spirit guides. Very curious.

The tiger I saw returned during the ceremony after this one, also my latest one... it had just been scoping me out, seeing where I was in my journey. I'll post it tomorrow.

Thank you for reading. :)

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