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Bathtub Hideout

Well, I had done them before.

Well, I had done them before. Not that many times. Maybe 5 times before. I always had good trips. I would here people talking about bad trips, but since I never had one, I didn't think much of them. Anyway, one day my friends and I bought a lot of them. We split them 4 ways. We each ate some and didn't get anything. My friends had some left and so did I. I really wanted to get something from it so I ate the rest of theirs and mine. About 45 minutes later, I felt them kick in. We were all sitting on the floor in my room talking. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went. I glanced in the mirror and didn't think that the person staring back at me really was me. I sort of got scared. I turned around and the walls were sort of pushing out(breathing) and had a strange pattern on it. I freaked out. I thought that a ghost or spirit was making the walls move. I turned off the light (I am still in the bathroom)thinking that I might not be able to see these things with it dark. Right when I turned off the light, I got more scared. So I went in the bathtub and pulled the curtain closed and hid. I kept seeing what I thought were ghosts. They were moving all around and they seemed to be mocking me. It felt like I had pins stuck all over my body. Not tingly ones, but sharp ones. About 20 or so minutes later, a friend came looking for me. I glanced out of the tub and it looked like a LONG hallway leading to the bathroom door. I told her I was scared. I looked at her face and it sort of looked like the devil. I was really freaking out. I stayed in the tub most of the night.
When it was starting to wear off, I went to my room. Everyone had gone home except 2 of my friends. There were BLARING rap music. (I hate rap music) I was going crazy. I could feel the music pulsating in my head. I needed them to turn it down. I told them to and they ignored me, so I thought that I was invisible. I don't remember much after that. I do remember them going home and then me turning on the t.v. and seeing Jerry Springer. I realised what a stupid show that is and have never watched it since. Although I have done mushrooms since. I haven't had any other bad trips really, except for the Smurf one. That is a whole different story though.

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