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Tripping on fresh cambodians

Diverse trip with love and violence

Me and two very close friends were planning on tripping for months before I grew my first batch of Cambodians using the pf-tek and support of the forum.
Check here for the grow log: https://www.shroomery.org/forums/showflat.php/Number/23363627

So some days after the first harvest we aligned our days off and off we went to a lovely place between two streams and reeds where we could be alone and crazy.
We ate 20g of fresh srooms each at around 17:00. After an hour and a half the only observable results were a bit of euphoria and enhanced laughter. We ate 10g more each and after half an hour we were tripping good.

Each one of us was in his own very different trip and the communication was very interesting and different than anything I would expect.

Personally, I was very in touch with everything around me. I seemed to be happy and complete by what was around me, my  friends especially. I felt such love about everything, that i felt I was radiating like when I am in love.
My friends also noticed.
I felt like a child and I also felt holy even though I am not religious. I admired the uniqueness of every river reed and other plants that was around me, and treated them as beautiful ladies I had to show respect, kiss their hands and even dance with them! One time I started tearing slowly a long leaf and it was an emotional roller coaster which ended in tears of joy. Every small decision I made opened a new world of possibilities and walking a distance of 50m seemed like an exciting journey.

The mushrooms also showed me the value of silence. I generally like to talk a lot and explain my thought patterns, but in an instant I decided I didn't want to talk and I just stopped. I didn't even talk about stopping. I just stopped. I saw that I could still communicate with my pals because I was becoming my every little thought and feeling and expressing them directly.

About my other friends:

The first (who is generally very social) couldn't stop talking, something that he acknowledged at some point. He talked about every little thought he had and I enjoyed watching him go through different phases riding the waves of the mushroom trying to find answers to questions he put to himself about his life, our existence and perception generally and specifically. He had some powerful insights about himself and us and he had good vibes which I could actually see! We seemed to be communicating well enough and played a lot like the children we were.

The second one (who would usually be described a moving theater - always performing and the soul of the party) was the most distant from us. There was this split second that he just left us (mentally and psychologically) and went in a very curious berserk phase that lasted for hours.
He stood, wore an strange smile and proceeded to SMASH EVERYTHING AROUND HIM.
He smashed the reeds with a stick, threw rocks, broke branches in half and at one point went charging barefoot in a field with thorns.

At first I was annoyed by all the destruction of our surroundings but after the first shock, I was real calm and and understood how important it was all that for him. I didn't even try to stop him even though his behavior felt self-destructive. The thing that stopped me was that he seemed very conscious about all that, almost like he was sober. I could feel that he was in control of all the chaos he created, something that he told me himself after some days. We were worried about him and kept asking if he was ok and if he wanted to get out of wherever he was but he kept smiling at us and smashing. At one point when he had calmed down but still didn't seem to want to communicate, I gave him a flashlight and told him to come find me when he was ready and later he did, which was beautiful but obviously difficult for him.

He didn't want to talk about any of that and he opened up to me only days later when he described what he felt and went through as a feeling of being in control. In control of the destruction of his surroundings, of his body in action and in control even of our actions concerning him. Everything was happening because he chose so.
I don't know why he chose that but I love and admire the person and I know how important it is to him building free and trust based relationships. I believe that he explored a dark side of his and it took courage to be so honest with himself and to experience it to the full. I hope decomposing that experience will be a valuable lesson for him and for us.

I could also see his darker and more intense vibe, (especially in comparison with my other friend) as if I was looking at him with a different white balance.

We had an amazing experience all three of us together and separately.

We also had some mild visuals, especially when it got dark and the outlines didn't exist and everything looked like a pastel painting. I could also see some peacock feather patterns on my hand and elsewhere like hundreds of small eyes looking back but it wasn't like my 3.2g dry golden teacher experience where everything flowed and moved. Next time maybe I will go for a higher dose but the mushrooms showed us what we needed to see anyway.

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