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Psilocybe subaeruginosa L1

South Aussie

This is the third time I've eaten fresh Psilocybe subaeruginosa shrooms. Decided to up the ante a little this time, taking one large 5 cm and one medium 3.5cm fresh with stalks.
Effects came on after 30 mins or so.  3.5 hours later the effects are still strong. Feel it coming and going in waves. think I'm coming down sometimes then it's like woohhhaaa, nope still very high haha :D
How to put it into words... Similar to being high on MJ if you only smoke it occasionally and are sensitive to it, but much nicer. It's lighter for me, no paranoia which I tend to get on MJ.
Light fluctuates sometimes, it gets darker then goes back to normal, kind of wave like. Music sounds very different, sound feels like it's all around you. Have had a few positive personal insights which I've written down.
Visual focus is accentuated if I fix my gaze but otherwise blurry. Looking at the glass in front of me I see so much detail. Anything I fix my gaze on takes on new meaning, is more complex.
Looking at my cat and into her eyes is another wow moment... She's more like a person then a "cat"
Having waves of tiredness... Like a warm blanket... Just want to shut my eyes... I love this feeling 

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