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lsd + mda = connected to universe

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the other day on forth of july, SWIM got his hands on 4 tabs of lsd and 100mg of mda(sass). SWIMS friend pick him up and as soon as SWIM got in the truck SWIM took 3 tabs, we went to the beach to watch the firework show. a hour later after the initial dose SWIM took the 4th tab, 2 hours go by and the firework show is over, he takes SWIM home to start playing video games with friends(online). a good hour and a half to two hours later(around 4.5-5 hours after initial dose, SWIM was about at his peak, was not overwhelming at all, SWIM as taken lsd bunch of times, it was the perfect dose for SWIM) SWIM takes the 100mgs of mds(sass), then about a hour after that it was getting intense, but in a good way for SWIM. SWIM layed in bed and was feeling really really really good. and in no time SWIM closed his eyes, put his fingers together in perfect like shapes and symmetry with each other,(almost like he knew exactly what he was doing, but never done this before) and the next thing you know SWIM was connected with the universe. it was nothing like SWIM has ever experienced before, and SWIM could remember a lot, if not all what happened that night. SWIM remembers trying to communicate to a friend threw this connection, and SWIM felt like he knew what he was doing the hole time, like he has done it a million times before. after swim tried to communicate with the friend, SWIM text the friend saying "I'm connect", "that was me, did you hear me". the friend said he heard a ring in his ear, so SWIM assumed he was connected threw frequency. SWIM then began to ask the universe questions, but it was a little hard to manipulate what the universe was telling him cause the universe wasn't saying anything, it was showing SWIM. If anyone has had any experices like this please comment down below.

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