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My First Psychedelic Experience

DMT, life changing

     This was my first experience with any psychoactives other than marijuana. I was eager to experience seeing the world through a different perspective, and so I did.The date was March 26, 2015. The house that I was in had this Pink Floyd poster, and as I inhaled the DMT the prism on the poster expanded, but the room and everything else stayed the same size, and then I started tripping. Everything looked like a memory, kinda like in an old movie. Not black and white, but brown and foggy. There was this dreidel, and as it span, I saw all of time and the creation of life and start of the universe form inside it. Behind the dreidel, I could see stars and galaxies forming and breaking apart, twisting and winding around each other. In the dreidel, I saw worms digging through dirt and grass growing. I saw a hand plant a seed into the earth and watched as a tree grew. I saw more trees pop up around it as birds flew overhead and as animals began to flourish. I saw early chemists working in labs, and I stood behind a woman as she gave a speech to a college.  As my trip ended I could feel two different beings floating in front of me. One was a white, star like person who appeared to be waving at me. The other seemed like a woman jogging. Eventually my visuals cut in half in the middle and this burst of light expanded, ending my trip. As I was hallucinating there was no sound, just the visuals, but I could hear my friends talking in the background and it sounded like I was wearing head phones.
     The trip itself was an amazing experience. I saw the creation of all and everything right in front of me. I couldn't have asked for a better first experience. When the trip began I didn't lose feeling of my body or even necessarily leave it. I could still sense the physical world around me. The entirety of my trip look place on the back of my eyelids, like my brain was projecting a movie for me to watch. This trip was a life changing experience. It made me open up to how I felt about drugs. DMT helped me see how much drugs are meant to be learned from rather than just used to experience a high or to achieve a good feeling. I have used DMT many times sense and other psychoactives as well. I wouldn't change any of my experiences for the world.

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