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First Bad LSD Trip

2 Gels - Not necessarily an extremely bad trip, just a story I thought I should share

Let me begin by sharing a few details.. this story takes place some months ago during the summer, so I dont remember every detail, but I still vividly remember most of my trip. It was early in the morning, after waking up and getting ready, I decide to take two gel tabs that I believe to be around 200ug of LSD total. I consider myself to be experienced with LSD (but not with other psychedelics at all.. at of the time of this writing) as I've dropped these same gels and other forms from various trusted sources more than several times and have always had a great time, however this turned out to be my first bad trip.. I figured that I would share this as my first story..

Simply put, I woke up early one morning and decided that I would take two hits and go out skate to my local skatepark and skate to some music as the L kicked in. Everything started with the "different" feeling as normal and about an hour after dropping I began to notice things obviously: colorful trails followed behind other people as they were skateboarding, I could hear the wheels of all the boards across the park in a stuttering and echoing through my head, and eventually I even noticed that my songs would either speed up/slow down or just sound alien-like.. nothing bothered me except a few times I tried starting a conversation with someone and I felt as if they couldn't understand me or that I could understand them. I managed this without much problem, but the thought would periodically pop to my mind that they might know that I'm tripping. I decided I would skateboard to a small BBQ place down the road a little ways to grab some water and something to "try" to eat (I find it hard to eat while on acid, but worth a try, it's BBQ!).

As I skated to this place, I tried to think of what I would expect so I wouldn't freak out.. since it was still early morning, I only expected a couple or two to be eating there. Had I known how wrong I was about this.. When I walked inside, the place was fully packed and not just that, everyone was wearing a black suit or black dresses.. now I really did not expect that at any BBQ house. I began freaking out in my head causing me to stop focusing on my vision, everything became so blurry everywhere I looked and my mind was racing through hundreds of thoughts per minute. Despite this, I continued to go towards the drink fountain, grabbed a cup and filled it with water, forgot about getting any food, and then I sat at the only empty table (the cups can't be taken outside). This table happened to be by a window, so to try to move my focus from the people in the restaurant I went to look out the window and just enjoy the view while I had my drink.. and unexpectedly there just so happened to be a bobblehead pig on the windowsill, this calmed me down to the point that it was funny for no reason. I ended up laughing out of nowhere at that bobblehead, it was staring directly at me and bobbling its head. This was when I realized that I should leave since everyone there probably figured that something was up and I did exactly that. I left my drink and made off for he skatepark again, familiar territory to me as that's where I often went during my free time. It had felt like I was inside that place for more than half an hour, but it really only turned out to be anywhere from 5-10 minutes.

In the end I just ended up taking a walk through some nearby trails for a while and skating for the rest of my trip, which I won't go into detail since it was basically what I'd already described, but overall I still felt that this was a great trip other than what felt like uncontrollable fear when I went inside that place. I can say that it was a neat experience still since it was the first bad trip that I've ever had (so far) considering the numerous times that I have tripped and LSD.

This is just my first short story that I hope some of you may enjoy reading, so let me know what you think of it and maybe what I could improve or add in.. 

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