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3x LSD (540-600mics)

Crazy Trip

So this was the second time I had taken LSD so definitely wasn't the brightest of ideas I've ever thought of but I had only taken the 3 tab about 30 mins before my peak but to start this all off I cam home from an alternative adult school about 3pm and I wanted to enjoy nature on 2 tabs so I thought fuck yeah beautiful nature on LSD. At this point I had no other plans but to go for a walk or do something so about 10 minutes of walking Im starting to notice that the tracers of my hands become longer and longer but my fingers seemed so thin almost like a stick, at this point I have an acid idea to goto a mates house to smoke a few bowls with so i could get rid of the nausea but unlucky enough he wasnt home so I decided to just walk home and smoke a bowl by now everything seems so new, wonderful and such a bliss euphoric feeling only thing that could explain my come up is being reborn it was almost like seeing everything for the first time it was just so beautiful i felt connected to the earth but for some reason I felt damage and I had such a urge to ignore other people I even walked past my friends not even knowing who they were so as I kept walking I notice my friends had turned around and started following me so I ruahed home grabbed a bottle of water and rushed back to the park they were at and one of mates says to me "I knew you were gonna come back man, you have no eye color as well man" I was so shocked and surprised I didnt know how to even handle a conversation so I kinda just mumbled words and store at the concrete for about 20 minutes. Then my friends had asked me how much I had taken so I said "2 tabs but have another one, wanna go down the rabbit hole man?" But my mates seemed to scared to try the LSD I had cause apprently they were double hit tabs but after I told my friends how much I had taken they said I could go with them because no one was at my house and they were going to buy a few bags of dope and kickback for a few hours so I did, I went it was a blast walking to my mates house, absolutely beautiful. Once we got to my mates house I could feel the effects just coming on stronger and stronger so my peak must of been close so I had a "brilliant" acid idea and dropped another tab. At this point we're all sitting in the garage listening to loud as fuck music and it felt like the bass was making my face look like it was boiling and when I looked at my cheecks I seen them move up and down like waves it was so trippy but at this point I completely lost myself, my mate had thrown rubbish from a 6 pack of water right infront of me and it startled me pretty much gave me a fright but it was halairous, then the corners started to stretch out and spin then my peak started everything was way to extream and intense that I felt like I was tripping out on everyone, every move that was made tripped me out I just sat there just feeling so dumb by the explosions and stretching  feeling inside of my head so I had to lay down close my eyes and trip out on the hallucinations this went on for 3 hours but certainly felt like 12 so I thought my trip was over so I jumped up straight away yelling "my trips over!" But in a matter of a split second everytging went green the walls started breathing heavily even the roof was wavy and bright green, I had seen diamonds on the walls smoothly going around with a beautiful bright pink/red but the funniest part was when I felt like a rockstar it was like looking through a telescope but there was red orange yellow and green spining in this tunnel but it was faded so I could kind of see reality but it was faded with the tunnel of colors after experiencing that it was about 11 and I decided to smoke a lot of dope and hallucinations became stronger objects started wavy a little bit emotions were off the rails and this lasted untill about 2 or 3 in the morning and after that I had just went to sleep and slept for a very long time hahaha

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