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An awakening

Psilocybin cubensis - 9g cannabis -1g

The night before I had taken 6g of psilocybin cubensis and this is a continuation of my lesson.
I was at an abandoned warehouse with my friends, the visuals were getting intense, euphoria overwhelmed and dominated by existence, I was in a foreign world, a dark environment, the trees had a blue glow to them, I could hear warmth, I could feel voices that were not there, all telling me to ignore the visuals and run through this symbolic tunnel. Everything warped, colors of indigo, navy and blue, in shapes of diamonds and waves warped everywhere, intense closed eye visuals were evident. About an hour into the trip I saw a gnome, but the gnome was seen through voices and spoke through my mind, nothing physical, he told me "leave the kids alone", I had realized that I needed to walk away from my friends and continue the journey towards enlightenment, ego loss was maximum, humility was all I could feel. e later went to a fast food restaurant where inside everything was so strange, I was in a desert, but yet I was still physically there, everything warped and twisted to allude to the fact that I was not in Sydney, Australia but rather in a spiritual desert filled with creatures of every kind, voices spoke through my mind, I as sinking into the chairs, visuals were dominating my vision, visuals where even being seen through my sensation, i.e. touch,sound. 
When I had arrived home with my friends, I felt like I was in the physical location of my house, but separated, the lesson from the previous night continued, I felt like a "stranger" in my home, the home element was gone, I had realized that the world is an empty plain, I am just another passenger travelling.
The following is my diary extract from last night:
"I have been taken away from this world, my visuals are dull colored, I can hear a warmth and it's telling me "i'm here" but the voice tells me i'm not. I love it here, i'm learning my lesson, my world is to be described only as artistic, nothing is simply, everything glows, pulses,breathes. 3 hours prior: I felt like hugging G,Y,L and A (names),I felt at one with the world, nothing could or can stop me. back to the trip:
I feel like i'm vibrating, I have learned, it's time to come to the world and accept it, the world is harsh, the world is painful and full of suffering, but at the end of it, we decide our lives and can't let anyone else define who we are. I feel a strong tranquility, a very strong sedation, on my face and especially my nose, I need to go and lie don, my mind is taking me to my room, I need to release my soul into the hands of the spirit tree;
I love you,
I can't be apart from you
My toes are very warm, 

This experience was enlightening, ego loss to the maximum, love and peace with the world created a sense of unity and being.

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