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A relaxing drive

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I tripped for the first time in the Summer of 2001. I had wanted to eat shrooms for so long and I finally got the chance. I was driving around and one of my friends called me and said that they just got a quarter of really good shrooms and asked if i wanted to trip. I said sure, I'll try it out. It was me and 4 of my friends, N,S,R,and M. We went over to M's house and split the shrooms into five piles. I had heard the taste was bad so i put them on a soft taco from taco bell. We ate the shrooms and immediatley started smokeing bud. I popped in The Grateful Dead Movie(great movie to watch while tripping) and waited for it to kick in. I remember my head feeling like it was enormous about 30 minutes after taking them and i was getting ancy so me,N,and S went outside to sit and smoke a cig. \\\"this is pretty cool I said\\\" and S,who had tripped on shrooms before said \\\"just wait till you peak.\\\" Well i waited about another 45 minutes and BANG! it hit me like a ton of bricks. I was the coolest and most amazing thing I had ever done before. I was so confused about everything. I felt like I needed to do something or that something was going on somewhere and i spent the next hour wondering around the house trying to find something to do. I finally relaxed and sat down on the couch to smoke another cig when R suggested that we go on a drive. I said sure why not. So me,N ,and R piled into R's car and took off. The neighborhood we were in wasn't very big but we got lost for what seemed to be an hour. I was starting to get a little worried when R said \\\"hey, why don't you drive.\\\" So i jumped into the front and started up. All the sudden I felt so relaxed and in control of something for the first time all night. While I was driving the road seemed to bend which ever way i turned the wheel. I felt like i could just let go and the road would just bend whereever the car went. I was extremely amazed by this. Then my R put a tape in which made everything more relaxing. It was called \\\"sounds of the rainforest.\\\" We all started laughing at the sounds of the animals and what not on the tape. We finally got back to M's house and went inside where we smoked some more bud and watched \\\"Dude wheres my car\\\" as we came off our trip. A whole bunch of other stuff happened that night but nothing like driving the car made me feel more in control.

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