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Bar Wars

Ok kids, here is the trip report from the "Dope Pope".

Ok kids, here is the trip report from the "Dope Pope". First off, let me explain to some of our younger shroom-heads that I am almost 40 years old. This means that there is a big difference in the way we trip. When I was younger I used to consider a watching my friends face turn into hamburger meat a good trip. Over the past number of years I have learned that the mushroom is a teacher and I always pay attention to the lesson the mushroom teaches. I still have a lot of fun, and my friends face still turns into hamburger meat, but I always learn something. It is also difficult trying to figure out what "Level" the trip is….to most of the folk here 5 grams of shrooms would produce a level 4 or 5 trip. For me, it's more like a level 3. I'm older, I don't trip the same way as most of the younger members of "The Shroomery". It's sort of the same difference between drinking your first beer and drinking your 6000th beer. I'm sure you get the picture so let's get down to the fun stuff.

Wednesday 5pm: I ate 5 grams of chopped B+ shooms mixed with orange juice on an empty stomach.

6pm: My wife got home from work and made dinner for herself….I wasn't hungry.

6:45pm: My wife drives me downtown. I'm flying. The 15 minute drive is way more stimuli than I had expected. Every time she touched the gas pedal I felt like I was getting sucked into the seat. I could feel every bump in the road as if it were a mountain.

7pm: My wife goes to a meeting she has downtown that should last about 2hours, we agree to meet at 9pm.

7:05pm: I go to one of my favorite bars. I'm really getting off now and approaching the peak. I run into my friend Mike and try to convince him to drive me to one of the local tity bars. He tells me he has been drinking since 3pm and he isn't driving anywhere. With the tity bar idea gone I decide to hang out with Mike at bar. His face looks like hamburger meat and he is wearing a really ugly shirt. The bar is all fucked up. Everything is breathing and there is a really weird noise coming from the beer cooler. Mike and I drink a beer and yack about stuff. I'm in another universe by this time and I find I can change the entire look of the bar by simply standing on my tip toes. Every thing is moving.

7:30pm: The peak is hitting like a sledge hammer. In walks my friend Paul. Now Paul is the kind of guy who always talks a lot of shit about things he knows nothing about and tonight was no different. However, tonight he was talking about a camping trip he took in the mountains last weekend and he transported me there. I actually saw and felt the descriptions of the streams, the trees and the relaxing time he had…that was way cool.
Then he started talking shit about some guy named Brad who ripped off a bunch of musicians by recording them and selling their music with out giving them a cut. Mike, Paul, and I continue to talk about Brad, Building Material, and Stucco for the next half hour. Paul's face looks like something out of hell and there is a reflection on his glasses that make his face even more surreal.

8:05pm: We decide to go to another bar. At this place Mike and Paul get into an argument about politics, gun control laws and Costa Rica. By 9:00 I had decided I had had enough and met my wife for the ride home. By 10pm I was mostly down but still rockin.

10pm: I thought of the lesson that the mushrooms taught me that night. The lesson was "I Don't Give A Shit". I used to be very into politics and crap like that. The mushrooms taught me that all that crap was eating me up, that it was sucking the life out of me and that I really didn't care in the first place.

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