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The Cosmic Play

Before I start the trip report, I want to thank shroomery.org and all you contributors for the extremely useful information on mycology, it's usage and trip reports. My experiences wouldn't have been possible without you.  


6.5 dried grams + Lemon tek. I crushed the mushrooms with hand, as fine as possible. Put them in a small glass, and poured some fresh lemon juice, from 3 lemons, in it. Blended the mixture in my Magic Bullet for 30 seconds, and let it sit for 1.5 hours. 


This was my 5th psychedelic experience on mushrooms. It was a warm Sunday evening. My girlfriend was spending the night at her parents place, which meant that I had the place for myself. Having had my 4th trip just 7 days ago, I wasn't planning on another trip so soon. However, I did not get much out of my last experience (4.5 dried grams), so thought of having another experience with the hope that it would be a productive one, which it was.  Prominent themes on my mind: contemplation, excitement, and some fear about the possible outcome. 


My bedroom. Room was made neat and clean, with dim ambient lighting. Tycho was playing at very low volume. I drank the lemon tek concoction at about 8 pm, and laid on my bed waiting for the trip to start. 

The Trip: 

For 20 minutes nothing happened. This was my first attempt at Lemon tek, so I thought that I had completely messed it up. But just around T+20 minutes, it was almost like someone flipped the switch on, and I was gone. Gone for 3 hours. Gone from regular consciousness to a place of complete darkness but an exquisite awareness. No usual CEVs, no sense of having a body, just nothingness but a calm and familiar awareness. What followed in this special awareness were just feelings or realizations. I am going describe them in simple present tense, because it just feels right that way. 

  • Leela: Everything is a manifestation of the One, and part of a play written by the One. There is no beginning, no end; the play is unfolding at the same time. This play is just perfect, and it's just a play.  And since it's just a play there is nothing to worry about, nothing to do and no where to go. I am my grandfather, I am Steve Jobs ( I know, strange thought), I all all of them. They are all the same, at the same time. Suffering is also just a part of this play, and it's perfect as well. As much as your heartbreaks for the suffering for others, it's just a part of this play.  You help the suffering because they are actually 'us', but even if you don't that's OK too. 
  • Death: Is this how it feels when you die? Gosh, why are we then so afraid of dying. This is wonderful. So  calm, free and light. 
  • Admiration for the people who do amazing things: These people like presidents, innovators, and social workers, who do amazing things, are such beautiful souls. I am so happy that they are able to do these amazing things.  You do it, I do it; what's the difference. It's the same. I am so proud of you all. I love you all. 

At around T+3 hours, there was a shift in consciousness. I gradually started gaining the sense of having a body and identity. Tactile sensations felt wonderful. At this point, I started meditating and experienced a state of bliss and delicious quite like never before. I continued enjoying this state until I came down, and eventually went to bed. 

I woke up with a mild head-ache and physical exhaustion. What an experience. Language fails! 

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