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Bad Trip? Or not.

One night me and my friend, Slimeball, decided to shroom at another friends wharehouse.

One night me and my friend, Slimeball, decided to shroom at another friends wharehouse. I had gotten a hold of some dope ass shrooms that I had tried before. I liked to call them happy shrooms, cause you felt so good and you couldn't take the smile off your face. Finally, we get the shrooms and I had to eyeball how much because i didn't have a scale, which was about an 1/8 and a half for me and a little more than an 1/8 for slime. The original plan was just a few of us were going to chill at this wharehouse and shroom. Later, like 40 people start showing up and it ends up being a party, and more people are still coming and the shrooms are starting to kick in and start to kind of bother me, so we decide to go on a little mission and go for a walk. We start walking and we are talking starting to get the giggles. Then out of nowhere we see a fucken peice of shit station wagon parked and it totally trips us out. We walk up to it and there was an aliens face on the window, and a bunch of weird ass shit inside. Then the shrooms kick in a little more and i start feeling a little different like i was having trouble breathing. I'm like "Dude, we need to head back I dont feel to good." Next thing i know i look back at the station wagon and it's moving around and bouncing, and all the trees are swirling around mixing together with each other and the ground is bubbling and making waving motions. We start heading back and i can bearly walk. Finally, i get back to the party and everything is just swirling into a big painting and everyone and the loud ass music starts tripping me out even harder cause i couldn't take it all at once, it just started fucken up my head, and my friend, darryl, comes up to me and asks me if i am alright, i look at him and everything turns pitch black and all i can see is the outlines of people and i just started leaning back so far my friend had to hold me cause i couldn't balance myself at all. Then my vision sort of comes back and he tells me to just sit down for a little bit. I sit down and my two friends, both with the name of mike come up to me and start talking to me. They start bugging the shit out of me and i try to tell them to shut the fuck up but i cant hardly talk. I looked at their faces and one turned into like a demon and he was all evil. His faced turned all red and horns came out of his head and his skin was just swirling like a bunch of ants were under his skin crawling, and he kept bugging the shit out of me about getting him some shrooms. Next thing i know i jump off of the truck i was standing with huge smile on my face and yell "holy shit, i was just fucken trippin. But i think im alright now." All this so far only happened for like 5 minutes. People said it was less than that even. My friend slimeball saw me start trippin and went to get my brother inside and by the time he got back i was alright. Next thing i know after that, i am in the other world having a blast, exploring all the rooms in the wharehouse and then later i went on a ride with some girl in her car. She started going and it was like going light speed in star wars. Shit was just flying by like a 100 MPH. Light were blazing by like crazy. Later 3 more people shroomed with me and we all had the best trips we had ever had. I dont think i have ever baked like i did that night. I hope everyone has fun on all their trips. Late,

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