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80mg 4-aco-dmt


So this took place a little while ago but the trip was so astonishing that I remember the majority of it.
My friend and I got ahold of about 120mg of 4-aco dmt and after doing some research I learned it was similar to mushrooms which I had never done before. (I had only done various 300ug-900ug acid trips)

I'm going to ignore my friends side of the trip but pretty much I was trip sitting him while he went into his 40mg trip while I only took 20mg because I didn't want to go to far.
So pretty much i'm feeling depressed because the 20mg didn't really hit me and I had very minor visuals and a very poor feeling in my body
I decided at this point since my friend was on his comedown that I would take the other 60mg I had left, I snorted 20mg and took the other 40mg orally (the snorting taste was awful)
So, about ten minutes after snorting and taking the other 60mg I realized that the first 20mg was starting to hit me and I realized I had just messed up.

Around 20 minutes ago by and i'm having extreme nausea, so bad that I was laying on my stomach and trying to meditate.
Around ten minutes of meditating something hits my door (not sure if It was real or not but my friend said he heard it to) and I open my eyes and everything is purple (this was in the dark with the tv on) and waving and condensed like crazy.
Anyway I opened my eyes but I still had unbearable nausea and the noise mad my cat growl like it felt my energy or something, well I felt the cats energy and it put me into a small panick and my heart beat really quick and the cat looked like a demon
(I really hate looking at cats on psychedelics) so I quickly closed my eyes and tried to meditate again.
Anyway I was entering into a nightmare trip because the nausea was painful, I asked my friend to bring me a throwup bucket but I never ended up throwing up and I just stared at him asking him to help me.
I remember looking at him and his face was a spinning morping ball. Visuals at this point consisted of morphing and the typical condensing and waving of vision that you would expect on shrooms.

Then the wierdest thing happened, the nausea was so unbearable I just decided to look up and my entire vision was focused on a little tiny part of my ceiling and the rest of my vision was pure white that I couldn't see past.
At this point I had lost my mind and just started asking "what does it mean" over and over again. And then the white vision retracts, the nausea goes away and I start crying in pure bliss and euphoria, my vision turned from the wavy shroomy feel
to fractical patterns covering my entire vision and I was crying/laughing like a crazy dude. I realized how much I loved my family and I went out of my room to give my brother a hug but he passed out, so instead I decide to go outside to have a cigarette.
(my friend had been asking me over and over but I was too sick to get up) At the point I got out of the white light and surroundings I kinda stoped paying attention to visuals and more towards the euphoria, I had literally lost it until I got outside and started smoking.
The visuals outside were very wierd, mechanical, transparent, yellow/orangish upside down triangles covered my entire vision and it was just amazing looking.

The rest of the night consisted of my crying several more times, vision covered in fractals, and an eye similar tthat on the american dollar bill  that kept appearing in and out that I thought was a god. I was just in visual and euphoric bliss for the rest of my trip until I morphed into my bedroom floor and passed out.
I also remember saying things like "the government hides this from us? The bastards!" and "Ricky (my friend) is me and I am ricky" some funny non-sensical stuff.

Visual progression
1. Typical waving and moving of stuff on shrooms and morphing
2. Pure white surroundings around what I was looking at
3. Mechanical like fractals
4. Crazy fractals and underwater feeling
Colors changed from purple to oranage/yellow to green.

Psychical progression.
2. Felt like my ego was literally (and visually) riped from me, I even felt the after effect for a good couple of minutes
3. Body was irrelevant, didn't remember.
4. Beyond an MDMA body high towards passing out.

Some things I did throughout my comedown.
1.) Noticed that time was extremely slow, it felt like hours had passed since I last looked at the clock but only 5-6  minutes had.
2.) There was a trip simulator on early that was no longer on but I could just think about it and I could see transparent fractals that looked exactly the same
3.) visually and psychically morphed into my bed.
4.) looked at my hand tracers for what seemed like hours and laughed my ass off the entire time.
5.) closed eyed visuals that I can only describe as being similar in look to a 'dmt tunnel' in a visual sense, very cool stuff, I wish I had closed my eyes more but I was blown away by the open eye stuff and neither did I have control of my thoughts.

I also want to point at that at some point in time I was in a level 5 trip space but nowhere near that of a dmt breakthrough or the 30 LSA seeds I had.

All in all, bad trip at first because of nausea and headspace from the first 20mg I took but inturn I got what seemed like a week in heaven.
Very cleansing, very spiritual even as a man of science. It changed my whole perspective on life for about a month and I realize how insane I was that month but i'm glad I was able to make it back to reality. 
Keep in mind prior to this I had only done what I believe to be either a 600ug-900ug trip but the 4-aco-dmt blows that out of the water hands down (I still love the LSD more)
I will never touch shrooms or 4-aco-dmt again but I will always enjoy my acid.

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