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Sunday Funday

Drumming my trip off

It was Sunday, summertime last year. No one was home, I had these nice blue stemmies stashed for months waiting for this opportunity to arise. Woke up 9am, rolled out of bed, open my drawer, downed them without hesitation. 

did the triple SSS. In the shower the trip engaged. I suddenly became 100ft tall staring down a black hole, the water was so hot and could feel every slightest drop. i stayed in there tripping my smile off for a good 30 minutes. but knowing the moment I open the curtain i will see my reflection was something i was preparing for. 

LETS GOOOOO!!!! Ripped that curtain open and just roared. 

I stared into my soul windows like the cat from alice in wonderland. oooofta! what a deterioration of my physical well being. i started seeing every vein and fluid through my skin I KID YOU NOT. it wasn't like xmen style, but i could see through the layers a teensy bit, i watched my hair crawl and my skin move like a slow liquid fluid. I learned that we are just a soul this is all a vessel and we need to treat ourselves with unconditional love. First we need to respect ourselves to learn how to respect another. To say the least i am a progressive human within every encounter i endure each day. We are given every moment for a reason. Learn to possess your time and take it with a grain of salt. every second you can make count each day is living life to its fullest, and you CAN DO IT! so do it. you will feel good, and others will learn to feel good. Its a reflective vibration we can all provide for each other.

 I TRIPPED MY FACE OFF STARING INTO THE MIRROR FOR 45 MINUTES. Yes. ON the the next chapter. ask questions to expand on these ideas. 

I get dressed, grab my bike and start pedaling towards the park down the street. My long time neighbor was outside, she says Hello! I say Hey! She says whatcha doing, and i reply Goin for a trip! and she laughs/...i get to the park. just fall into the field bike is ghost riding into the grass...i stare into the sun, and feel its warmth fill my blood and well being. it is the most incredible warmth I've felt. i stood up to see the grass begin to triangulate into kaleidoscope features becoming a multi colored spectrum of incredible visuals! this was open eyed, i didn't want to close them yet. I began to start heading home, i feel myself getting tugged down into mother earth at a very fast rate, faster than i can peddle at this point. I hope someone was cleaning dishes out of they're front window to see this long haired bushy dude peddling slower than a snail in a spiral pattern trying to stay up. I made it home. I hung out with my dogs Ozzy and Koda flinging them comfort me in some sort of knowing i need it. they were next to my hip the whole time. 

I'm laying in the basement floor with the lights on with the dogs next to me just smiling and feeling the trip grab me into the roller coaster and i can't wait!!!!

THEN! I remember Someones going to be home soon, what do i do to keep them knowing I'm tripping my skin off!? I look around , see the TV and want to barf, no way, never watch tv on a trip. pointless. OKAY. I see my drum kit and just click. This is what I'm meant to do. 

I begin to stare into the center point of the ceiling and the two walls connecting it. It looks 3D staring into the corner of the ceiling and i begin to focus and the drum kit drifts further into me and i can't see myself I'm completely in the ceiling playing drums. I am drumming my limbs off at this, it goes on for 3hours or so until i can't stand myself on the drum throne. but hearing sounds and feeling vibrations through the drums and the power drums have and vibration. You can't believe!!!!! its incredible feel. 

i then go through a nice trip therapy session of reflection and progressive thoughts of change and epiphany like revelations like i have always, sober, stoned, or just mind boggled. 

stay imaginative! 

so i sweat out the trip and lay on the couch feeling so sunken and weathered. it was a great trip and exactly what i wanted to endure.

the next afternoon was a compassionate grateful thankfulness of the mushrooms. i saw what i needed to heal in my life with relationships and myself, it was a great reflective and happy trip. trip in the sun to say the least. or feel the night. either one is a great time! muwahahahahaha.

it was a free time of unleashing my free spirit. or whatever! you tell me, leave a comment below! ill keep editing as i review

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