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Meeting The Aliens

5.5 grams of Psilocybe Cubensis in silent darkness.

I am no stranger to drugs. I first started smoking cannabis when I was 14 years old and my curiosity was peaked. I wondered how much further I could push the envelope and for me, at least, it seemed instinctual that I try psychedelics. I was never curious about narcotics but eventually, they did find me, but that is a story for another day. I tried LSD for the first time when I was 17 and from that moment on, my world was shifted in a new and beautiful way. After that, I used LSD about 10 times and then stumbled onto the lectures of the late and great Terence Mckenna who had become a paterfamilias to many psychedelic explorers of a generation that was still in diapers when his best lectures were taking place, myself included. I was always curious about his speeches about "The Other", as he called it, that he experienced on mushrooms. Perhaps my experiences were influenced by him or perhaps they weren't. I have no idea. However, about 3 years after my initial acid experience, I finally got to try shrooms and the first few times were very uncomfortable. As soon as I peaked, I would always feel this organic intelligence that was not my own; it wasn't overpowering but it was definitely there and it made me uneasy to feel something else guide me. I eventually came to terms with it and I rather enjoyed its company in the next 30 shroom trips that I had (doses were between 2 to 4 grams but usually 4 grams). I then decided to try Mckenna's "Heroic Dose" in silent darkness.


I picked out two particularly large shrooms from 100 grams that I purchased. They weighed 5.5 grams combined and I decided that they would be the ones to push me further. Eating that amount was no easy matter; the earthy taste was almost overwhelming but I was focused. I needed to see what Mckenna was talking about. I laid on my bed, the room was completely dark and I smoked a pre-rolled joint. I thought about my life, what I wanted to achieve and just mentally preparing myself. After about 30 minutes, disturbances in my visual field became apparent against the blackness. They were akin to phosphenes but had a linear quality and seemed to be jigging from side to side. Then came the body load, it was heavier than usual. I felt myself sinking into the bed and start spinning. There was no nausea but I was spinning with ever increasing speed. The visuals started, the phosphenes were exploding in colors that ranged from orange to yellow to red and then they interconnected to form complex geometrical shapes that morphed from one state to another. The earthy colors and out-of-focus geometrical hallucinations that are apparent on lower doses were replaced by clear-cut right angles and odd triangular faces that flowed with bright colors. I became cocky and mentally asked, "Is this all that 5 grams has to offer?". I was instantly met with scorn; my body started vibrating and shaking while an insect-like voice scolded me in a buzzing language that I did not understand. It sounded like, "kwwoooorrr, qrik krawk kwooor". Even though I did not understand the words, I immediately got the mental impression that I needed to be patient. The feeling of "The Other" was overwhelming at this point and I found myself praying for forgiveness and mercy. I was humbled and somewhat afraid because I realized that there was no escape. I had to endure the experience; come whatever may. The visuals became more intense and then there was a discrepancy. The geometry and colors had formed into a solid and yet, ever-changing, structure. It was dome-like with a solid floor and walls that would come to a point in the top. I tried to move but I was held down by straps constructed out of the same material as the floor and the walls. I realized that I was tied to a table and 4 distinct straps were holding me there in an upright position; I felt that this "table" was turning to the right and there was an entity there. It was a green mantis-like creature with knees that bent backwards and claws that only had three fingers and a thumb. Its head was elongated like the skulls found in Peru and it had no facial features but rather a red carapace that almost looked like the shape of the transformers icon. I felt an intelligence behind the carapace that was far older, smarter and more evolved than I was. I felt no fear and I found that this creature was curious as to who I was. It moved its face from side to side as it observed me. It never spoke to me but I got these strange mental impressions.

"Who are you and what are you doing in our space?"

"I am trying to understand." I replied.

The creature then looked back over her shoulder and I became aware of five others that were standing behind a panel that looked to be made of the same material that the floor and walls were made of but there was a distinct red button that was standing out in the middle of the panel. The creatures were of different colors and sexes. The first one was blue, the second green, the third (standing in front of the button) was a dark blue, the next was green and the last was blue. Even though they never spoke, I recognized that the blue ones were male and the greens were female. The third, which stood in front of the button, was the leader and emanated power. At the gesture from the female who stood in front of me, the third male pushed the red button. I looked down and saw the floor morph into these tubes that seemed to have created themselves from the same "substance" that the room was made of. There were two and they pierced my ankles and wriggled through my legs and up to my brain like snakes. I felt no pain and no fear, they were trying to understand me as much as I was trying to understand them. However, I did feel these tubes as constructs moving through my body; it was peculiar. I felt them wriggle to my neck, one on each side of my spinal cord and then they pierced my brain. The room disappeared and I was lost in a slideshow of my memories; everything from being born to learning how to walk to where I was now. All my memories displayed to these creatures. When the slideshow got the point where I met the entities, it stopped and I felt the tubes retracted. The female said something to me in their strange insect language and I felt the straps give way. I sunk through the floor and shot my eyes open on the bed. I was freaked the fuck out; my primate brain could not understand what just had taken place and the closest resemblance that I could find was the typical "alien abduction" scenario.


I rushed out of the room and met my uncle who was still deep into his 4-gram trip. I could not explain it to him and didn't want to since I did not want to ruin his experience. I retreated to the bedroom and processed what I just had experienced.


To this day I don't know if this was a purely personal subjective experience or if someone else, apart from McKenna, experienced something along these lines. If you had to ask me if I felt that it was "real", I would tell you that it was more "real" than anything I have ever experienced and it was so powerful that I would never forget it. Would I try it again? Sure, however, I was scared of the "Heroic Dose" for a long time and only took 5 grams again almost a year later and under very different circumstances.


I believe that there are forces in nature that we do not have the ability to understand yet but there is much that we can learn from these compounds that have profound effects on the human consciousness. Have a good time and trip safe, my friends.


Let me know if there is any info that you'd like or questions. J

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