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my relationship with shrooms . . so far

look at me. i'm the caption now


Hey dudes :) This is my 1st time posting so it'll most likely be frustrating and long (that's what she said) for 'experienced' readers or any reader for that matter. i'm basically going to explain myself and my trips with mushrooms and try to entertain your souls for a bit. 1 trip down and i realize it's quite uh long (don't you dare Samuel! haha i just freaked out a dude named Samuel) so i'll just summarize my others - they're not that important i just get really excited and feel like i'm reliving my trip again

- About me

i'm a 19 year old male. Have dabbled with LSD (once) ; a lot of alcohol ; a tiny bit of tobacco ; ritalin, concerta and CAT (a handful of times - about 10 lines in total) ; ecstasy (twice) ; MDMA (once) ; i used to be a heavy stoner for a good 3 years and i've done shrooms 4 times.

Until recently, i've always had a closed mind. Ya know. Forever caring about what others think of me, or what they have to say, or always trying to fit in even though you were meant to stand out. That kinda thing. I also had like 1 generalized way of looking at things/the world/life - right and left ; wrong and right.

Also my parents raised me a christian but i quickly fell out as soon as i could sort of 'think for myself' and started asking the universe answerable questions. I believe i always knew i was a soul. A energy. A living, moving thingy not just a weight of fleshy meat belonging to a human.

Anyway, fast forward a tonne of confusing sentences, i came out of my shell (you should probably CUM out of that closet too . . haha see what i did there ;) damn rekt son haha yeah i'm weird) So i gradually became more consciously aware, i'd like to thank marijuana for that and later my awareness accelerated rapidly through my 'normal thinkings' roof, thank you mushrooms.

So yeah, i'm a chilled dude with an opened mind, a disgusting sense of humor and overall a peaceful soul. This literally sounds like i'm describing myself for a dating site .. yeeeaaah haha i just wanted to introduce myself to you guys, so please don't send me any messages unless you are either : me in a different body, Mac Miller or Goku. Or Samuel haha. Or like an alien but i believe a lot of us are aliens , damnit dude just full stop this already ok.

Without trying to confuse you, i think this is the best way to describe me (hold on, i'm gunna poop then type this using my keyboard.. also i'm going to keep this well because it's legendary). Ok so i'm back this time with my spectacles and my pc BUT i didn't take a poop. I just went for a number 1. Also i don't plan on cussing unless it's important


- 1st Trip

Alright. I'm in grade 12. A stoner who's curiosity knows no bounds even if it hurts his ego or damages how he is perceived by other 'people' (damn that rhymed i'm gunna keep it <- sorry about that forced one though). Anyway, so i'm very curious about psychedelics (mainly shrooms) because so many of my friends are telling me of their wild and weird trips. They mouthed out everything in a hypnotizing way that roughly translates to - you haven't done ANYTHING like this before dude. So, listening to my 'shaman' of a friend, he tells me to prepare everything. So i google a bunch of facts and stories and lucky me, i stumbled upon this website (i didn't use stumble upon, it was just a bad play on words, i'm sorry haha)

I became addicted almost instantly. The stories were beautiful. Reading through the posts and listening to the users trying to express their feelings and sensations about psychedelics had a similar vibe to that of me and my stoner friends trying to explain what being high on weed feels like to friends who haven't tried it.. only it felt way more stronger. My research eventually turned into a trip of it's own as i projected every trip i read into my mind. Let's leave this train of thought alone.

So i bought '2 grams' from my shaman during our finals (every time i mention shaman i'm referring to my friend unless stated otherwise). It was hard not to be my usual dumbass and just gulp them down, but following shaman's instructions, i put them into an airtight jar and that into the bottom of my bag and left it in my cupboard only to sniff it now and then when procrastinating my studies. 

Lets fast forward this to the trip day. To this day, both me and my friend (we'll call him Cheese) have no idea how it happened. So i get my mom to drop me off at a friends house (not Cheese) near a valley at about 12am.. wait for it.. wait for it.. MAUL HIM! And the cars gone. Packed with a small bag containing water and a jar of shrooms, i make my way to the valley. As i walk down from the side of the cliff, into the opening, i see a car pulling into an open area of grass. wtf? I see Cheese and in his gf's car. WTAF? No questions, i run like a little kid and get into the car.

(this is roughly how the conversation went)

Cheese: Duuuuude what were you doing in the bushes?
Me: Oh i'm eating mushrooms
Cheeses gf: When did you take them?
Me: *jar lid in my left hand, jar on the right* Now
Cheese: Ah that's cool! Dude i'm on LSD and MDMA
Me: *pauses eating* woah since when?? 
Cheese: i dunno like an hour or so

(Cheese gf leaves and the trip begins. dun dun duuuuuun) 

We exchange a couple of happy sentences with positive vibes and the normal druggy conversations. I remember making our way to a shady area under some trees and that's when Cheese said we should take our shoes off. The sand felt warm and cold at the same time and it felt so smooth against my skin. My feet feel like hands (with a slight numbing feeling) and i start sinking my feet into the sand. weeeeee

I remember walking down a path to this beach like area and the path started morphing a bit. Somewhere in the trip Cheese started playing music and was on his phone so i really wanted to make him stop it (the nicest way i can express and direct a very sinister mood/feeling) but as quickly as it came so did it vanish and i realized it just doesn't matter coz this is awesome! 

I stopped a lot of times, sat down in the bushes, communicated with plants and trees, i was carrying around my socks, shoes and cap in my hands and showing them around as if i was introducing my sober self into this magical place. Overall it was beautiful oh! On our way back to the cliff, Cheese had to go somewhere on his scooter and i was like "you know what, i'm gunna climb the cliff this time" (dudes it's not like a big cliff and i refused to go up the same path i took to get here) 

So i climb up but my shoes and stuff (i named them carry-ables) were prolonging this. At one point my one shoe fell down and i was like "ah dude i'm too lazy to climb down plus it's not even that far" and then i jumped down into a bush below. Honestly i just closed my eyes and bam i awoke in a bush. It probably was like 2 meters/ 7 feet. Anyway so i remember climbing up the cliff, then i sat down and this bird in a tree down there, opposite starts talking to me. 

(not all birds are the same)

Bird: meeaaaaaah
Me: *howls* awooooooooo
(like a 15 second silence)

Bird: meeeaaaaah!
Me: *howls louder and longer* awooooooooooooo

(this continues for i don't know how many times but i think both of us decided to call it even and move on)

i then walk all the way to the top of the cliff where i find out that a girl was calling out for me. No she wasn't the bird. She's not really important.. to the story haha

But this was truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. I hung out with the girl until late at night (like 8pm) and walked all the way home.

 - Trip 2

about 3 months from the 1st trip
i took 3gs and tripped with Cheese at a different nature place
overall it was confusing
had no heavy visuals
but i feel the mushroom was trying to communicate with me rather than let me trip holy mother mary's tits

- Trip 3 

about 6 months after the 2nd trip
i decide to go balls deep and take 5gs as i feel i am ready
same preparation as always - eat it on a empty stomach, positive vibes, good company
my friend (we'll call him Rasta) was my sober sitter
30 mins into the trip, i'm closing my eyes and Rasta has a trippy playlist on, but nothing is really happening
slightly more vivid visuals
a heavier head feeling but not much
i took pictures before and send them to all my other friends who i haven't yet sent it to and like everyone else, they confirm that it is a shit load of shrooms

- Trip 4

about a good 6,7,8 months after the 3rd trip
it wasn't intended 
chilling with my 4 friends at my 1 friends holiday house


Overall i think i built up a tolerance and at first didn't respect the mushrooms, by treating it as a substitute of weed
I would really love to venture deep into the abyss of confusion which is my consciousness but i feel that the mushrooms are also signalling that i'm either not prepared or that it isn't the right time
I have stopped smoking weed for 6 and half months now and i don't feel any desire to start
I have been clean off any drugs (excluding pain meds for my wisdom teeth) since my last trip in Jan, so for 4 and a half months now
I would love to try mescaline as that word has been buzzing around my aura for a while now

I feel like in summarizing the trips i have made it more bland and neutralized the color/taste that i was hoping the whole report would give off. Also my English teacher would be so proud of me (i hope) that i used the correct layout for this uh report.. i don't think he'd be too impressed with my grammar though. I have no idea how to end this but i'd love you to leave with a smile and a happier mood :) 

Safe tripping dudes (/-_-)/ peace

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