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First Psychedelic experience

2.5g Cubensis in nature

Two days ago me and 5 friends bought 15 grams of Psilocibyn Cubensis for 140$ (a bit pricey but shrooms aren't  easy to find where I'm from. We had been planning the trip for about 10 days but we were unsure if we were gonna be able to get the shrooms and we had no idea what the weather conditions would be like. Now let's get to the trip... 

9:50am Friday, May 13th.
We arrive at our destination which is a walking trail just a 2 minute drive from my house, it was a nice day, 15°C and sunny. The trail was not very popular and we expected to see maybe 4 or 5 people the whole trip. 4 of my friends had tripped before (only once or twice) and it was the first time for me and my other friend. 

We decide to start eating our shrooms at the beginning of the trail so that they start setting in as we arrive at the beach (about 30min walk from start of trail). We at the shrooms on an empty stomach but we ate them with peanut butter as none of us liked the taste of just the shrooms. We all ate 2.5 g each and continued on our walk to the beach. 

We finally arrived at the beach and we got a little are set up in the woods that we called out home  base. By this time we were all feeling the high start to set in and we were listening to some Bob Marley while waiting for the trip to really start. 

Now I really feel the shrooms kicking in and everything started feeling different, especially my body. About 10 mins after this me and my friend laid down on our towel face first on the beach and I put my headphones on and put some shpongle on, this is where shit got crazy. As I was listening to the music face lying face first on the beach I started to see spirals and I was going through tunnels. Then faces started coming out of the sides of the tunnels, meanwhile my other 4 friends were sitting on some rocks just staring into the ocean just talking. I kept going through these spirally tunnels and all of a sudden they turned into fruit tunnels, that's the only way I can describe what I was seeing. I was going through fruit tunnels and it was making me feel incredibly euphoric. 

After lying on the beach going through fruit tunnels for a while I decided to get up and see what my other friends were doing, meanwhile 2 of my friends went back to the beginning of the trail and decided to drive home(no clue why). And then the next thing I know I'm by myself on the beach tripping balls and I don't know where my other friends went, only the general direction which they went. 

After standing on the beach by myself and walking in circles on the sand I finally called one of my friends and found  out they were just 10 mins down the coast from me on some rocks, so I went to find them. 

I finally got reunited with my other friends who were all siting on some rocks just talking about life and some crazy shit and when I got to then I laid down on a huge rock and just laid there with my eyes closed petting the rock for half an hour, it felt so nice and made me feel so comfortable. 

We head back to where we had parked and smoked a couple of bowls while looking at the fish swimming around in the ocean, we sat on a dock and just talked and looked at the fish for about 2 hours and then at 4pm we all headed home. 

I had a flawless first trip and only has positive vibes the whole time, I'm planning on tripping again in the summer but maybe taking 3g next time. 

Thanks for reading and enjoy your day. 

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