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Charlie Brown World


   So I'm going to tell you a story of my second scariest yet funnest trip. There are a lot of gaps in my memory of it but I will attempt to make it as clear as possible. This was a few years ago and I had forgotten it for the most part till it suddenly came back. Back in this day I was younger and dumber I used Ritalin most days at least 200mg a day my day would always end with me coming down hard failing to go to sleep that shit builds through the day so sleep is virtually impossible. Some how I had gotten a hold of some mushrooms in my tweaked out mind I did not think twice about eating them so I did I have no idea how much but judging by where they took me it was at least 2g but more that likely 4g.
   After I took them I honestly forgot that I had eaten anything I knew that I was on a whole bunch of Ritalin but that was the norm for some reason unknown to me I started feeling very bad I could feel my mind being taxed and it was very tired. With no knowledge that this was the come up I buried my fear deep relatively successfully. It was surely a Saturday as I was watching anime on adult swim, ah those were the days. I remember distinctly thinking that I could speak Japanese when the opening song for death note came on then I realized that I was reading the subtitles this is something I do subconsciously I watch a lot of subbed anime. This was hilarious to me I was living with my friend and said something about it asked him why I felt so weird and he said I was on mushrooms. It registered momentarily then immediately left but seemed to calm me momentarily.

   Anyway stuff happened I sat in a state of fear for awhile then just kind of decided fuck it I'm going to enjoy whatever is happening I thought I was losing my mind but was having fun doing it. I was sitting there laughing at the trails I saw couldn't watch adult swim anymore. I think my friend went to sleep or maybe not. I should tell you now that I often see a zigzag of rainbow color that flashes like a strobe light when I smoke marijuana I don't know why but it happens. It has been know to happen when I'm on a large amount of Ritalin 200mg was a slow day could have been enough to make me see the flashes. But I believe that I smoked some ganja that is when shit got terrifyingly crazy.

   The combination of that much Ritalin, marijuana, and shrooms brought on the zigzags strong my heart got faster and faster I was kind of freaking the zigzags got faster and faster with the beat of my heart then they got wider and wider. Suddenly it obscured my vision entirely solidifying into a wall of color like a window I was looking through into a new world I was like what the fuck then I looked at my friends dresser only it was no longer a dresser it was snoopy's dog house complete with snoopy sleeping on top. I looked over to where my friend was to see charlie brown I'm sure I was making a lot of noise at this point laughing my ass off staring through my window. He either woke up or asked me what was up and I asked "Why am I in charlie brown world charlie brown?". I was still legitimately confused as to what the hell was going on this was my first time over 2g's and I didn't remember taking anything unusual. I am pretty sure he said something like shut up and went to sleep again. I don't remember him much so he must not have been sleeping most of it. Charlie brown world did not last that long or maybe it lasted the whole peak as i said at the beginning my memory of this trip is hazy at best.

   All in all I think I handled it pretty well had a fucking ball would do it again but I don't do pillz anymore the come up made me realize they where just not right and I slowly stopped. I am still confused about it why charlie brown I have barley ever seen that show and have no attachment to it. Usually mushrooms try to teach me something in my experience but where it took me that time I think they just wanted to have fun with me. If I had to pick a lesson I would say it was drugs are bad mmmk.

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