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Transformation trip through Death and Rebirth (MDMA, MDA, 2CB, CANNABIS, KETAMINE)

Life changing trip - but has anyone had similar experiences or understanding of what I went through?

This account happened on Friday night 22nd April, 2016.

Total dosage from 3:00pm till time of event which was approx. 10:00pm:
- MDMA = 5 x caps (500mg)
- MDA = 4 x caps (320mg)
- 2CB = 4 x caps (85mg-100mg)
- Numerous cones of Marijuana
- Numerous bumps of Ketamine

The night started off great, spending time getting associated with everything at the start of the doof. My group and I ventured back to the tent, as it was quite cold outside and it was bothering me. Everything was fine, we were tripping ridiculously (as expected) and having fun. I decided to take a bump of ketamine and clearly misjudged the amount on the spoon due to me tripping so hard (which was enough to send me into a K hole).

Roughly 10 minutes later, things started to turn dark and signs of impending doom started to morph into my reality. Symbolisms of death and that I had taken too many drugs started to plague my mind. Suddenly my heart starts racing uncontrollably, my throat starts closing up, I started getting pains in my heart, liver and lungs - all the signs and symptoms I knew which stated "You have had reaction or OD and your life is in danger. At this stage I started to freak out a bit, calling out to my friends, telling them something is very wrong and that I needed help (at this time things were still morphing around me showing me I was about to die). In my panic I thought, "Keep your mind active and your body moving to fight it, you cannot die like this" so I quickly walked outside the tent and vomited a bit. As I looked up I could tell there were people nearby but their faces were completely full of geometric patterns and colours I couldn't make out details to who they were and I just said "Sorry guys I am tripping out really hard" and I started to walk in another direction.

As I walked, the whole world around me morphed into a completely different reality. Auditory hallucinations started clearly entering my spectrum of hearing laughing at me and saying "You brought this upon yourself" and "You did it now". Everything in sight was red, black and white - morphing so much I knew I was between the realm of the living and the dead. Something came to me and said "If you never do drugs again we will let you live or if not you will die". I was battling them saying "But I experience the universe, myself and others through drugs. I do not see drugs as a bad thing, they help me on my quest of knowledge and truth in the universe". They laughed and said "Then if you cannot make the choice, we will make the choice for you". At this stage I felt my whole reality break apart, this was when I accepted my death and gave into the universe (at this time I was saying sorry to those I left behind in life, for dying the way I did, but at the same time that reality no longer existed - which gave me peace). I felt my consciousness break apart into fragments as I heard what sounded like my voice going "Ahhhhhhhhh" fragmenting as if it had been digitally broken apart. As this was happening, I could feel every part of my soul breaking and fading into nothing - I was no longer me - myself no longer existed. Complete ego death!

Suddenly in a void, I became distinctly aware of these other entities around me. The only way I can describe what they were or felt like, is that they were the creators - high prestige royal entities without hierarchy, they knew and were everything, they were not male nor female, but composed of the supreme consciousness. Higher vibrating entities that created me and my reality as a mere story to see how it would run - for amusement and fun (as the saying goes "Humans take seriously what the gods made for fun"). They praised the person I was in life and how they loved characteristics of my personality and what I did. They celebrated and laughed about all the funny and commendable things I had completed and the positive impact I had made on countless people along my lifetime.

Then abruptly I sunk deeper into the universe, one with it, my soul became one with this flowing machine of information. I was gliding through the universe awaiting to be reborn into a new dimension or life. Shapes beyond the normal 3 dimensions were flying past me (flying past with the sounds and feeling of wind), as they flew past, I would receive information of the universe so profound it is beyond human words or explanation - amazingly beautiful in its simplicity and complexity. As this all was happening I saw what seemed to be a civilisation extremely far beyond humans in every sense of the word, you cannot imagine the power they possess - there was no time, no space - it just was. I felt as one with them, as I went through this system or machine.

Suddenly the entities who created me came back, they proceeded to say "That story was a great, why don't we bring him back to see how it would have properly finished". Right then, I felt a voting system between the countless numbers of creator entities take place - they voted yes to bring me back. All at once, parts of my consciousness and awareness started formed again. At this point I was nothing more than a singular atom endowed with consciousness, and from this single atom - I proceeded to grow! They were restructuring me and my reality, reformatting everything back into existence. As they did, they were discussing whether to put me forward or back in life "Should we grant him more finances or leave him where he was when he died? Should we take or leave certain parts of his personality and/or reality". They were going back and forth, as bit by bit I was put back together. Then as I was nearly complete they granted me a gift, I started getting symbolism of the singularity, energy flowing through the universe in an evident symbol of oneness. The all of a sudden, I received this pure surge of energy and information, this was the information of the universe - symbols of Buddha and the pine cone/pineal gland were clearly everywhere. At once, it was apparent what gift they had granted me, enlightenment through rebirth - I had become the true pure soul I was meant to be.

Then when reality was clear enough to function again, I found myself lying face down in the dirt a few tents away from my own. I struggled to get up and stumble back into the tent, while the entities were still making slight corrections to me and my realty. I remember yelling out to them to "Keep that!", as they were deciding whether to keep a trait of my personality or not. Once I was 100% back together, I gave them the perfect symbol with my hand as if to commend them on putting me perfectly back together.

Once I was back, I had a Xanax and went straight to sleep. The whole experience took a huge toll and at the time all I wanted to do was sleep it off. This experience has profoundly changed me and my life for the better - forever. I am seeing my world as if I have a new set of eyes, everything is new and clear. Clarity beyond perfection.

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